Kyokugon Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom (Solution Guide)

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As you keep progressing in the Zelda TotK, solving the shrines start getting trickier. And the Kyokugon Shrine is no different, not only the puzzle but finding the Shrine itself is quite difficult in Tears of the Kingdom. But don’t worry, below we have mentioned a step-by-step walkthrough to access the shrine, solve the puzzle, and obtain the hidden treasure chest. Speaking of puzzles, here also you’ll have to play with the orbs (balls) just like you did in Makasura Shrine.

Tears of the Kingdom Kyokugon Shrine Location & Puzzle Guide

How to Reach & Complete Kyokugon Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom (Location)
Source Images: ConCon & Trophygamers

In Tears of the Kingdom to reach the Kyokugon Shrine, head to Great Plateau Foothill Cave (Coordinates: -0826, -1514, 0023). This cave is located on the slightly southwest side of the Central Hyrule Field region.

  1. Once you reach the mentioned coordinates, look for the blocked cave entrance, shown in the image above.
  2. After that, grab the fused Rock Hammer and start breaking the red rocks and boulders.
  3. Make your way through the enemies you find in the cave and once you reach the end of it.
  4. Again start breaking the Rocks and boulders with Rock Hammer or Bomb Plant. (Avoid the blue ones)
  5. And you’ll find the Kyokugon Shrine (Coordinates: -0708 -1550 0006) you’re looking for.

Alignment of the Circles Puzzle Solution in Zelda TotK

green circle spots on roof
Source Image: ConCon

After entering the shrine, you’ll find several holes in the ground, where you have to place balls correctly. The balls should be in their right slots in order to progress further. Here the trick is to look at the ceiling and see for green circles. There’ll be 4 green circles and beneath them 4 ground slots where you have to place the balls/ orbs into. For your convenience, below we have marked the correct slots to help you complete Kyokugon Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom quickly.

ground ball/ orb slots correct location Alignment of the Circles Puzzle Solution in Zelda TotK
Source Image: ConCon

Kyokugon Shrine Chest Location in Totk

After doing the puzzle, the game will open the gate to take the Light of the Blessing. But before doing that go ahead and take the treasure chest locked in the fence gate on your right. To open it, you’ll again have to place the ball in the ground slot, but this time, the slot is hidden. So below are the steps to find the slot and access the treasure chest.

hidden ball slot to access Kyokugon Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom treasure chest location
Source Image: ConCon
  1. Look at the ceiling and see for a green circle or use your Ultrahand ability to reveal it.
  2. The ability will scan the floor and allow you to remove the dummy panel from the ground.
  3. Now go ahead and place the ball in the slot to open the treasure chest gate.
  4. In the chest, you’ll find 1x Hearty Elixir that’ll come in handy during hard times.
  5. Once you have looted the treasure, go ahead and take the Light of the Blessing.

And that sums up all about how you can complete the Kyokugon Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). If you’re running low on cash, then check out the ways to farm Rupees in the game. Also, take a look at the best Weapons to use in Zelda TotK.

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