Konosuba Fantastic Days Timed Out Error 80001 Fix

Here's how to fix Konosuba Fantastic Days Error 80001.

Players who want to try out this RPG game and are not able to due to the Konosuba Fantastic Days Error 80001, look no further. This guide will give you the fix you can try to jump right into the game and start your adventure. Find out why you are getting this error and how to fix it.

How to Fix Konosuba Fantastic Days Error 80001

The solution for the Konosuba Error 80001 is to close the game, start your mobile data and launch the game again. It has worked for some players so it’s definitely worth trying out. All you have to do is switch from your Wifi to Mobile Data on your phone and see if it works.

Some players are suggesting that you need to uninstall and reinstall the game but it’s unlikely to solve this issue because it’s a time out error. This problem occurs due to the server overload so you need not check your internet connection nor do you have to restart your router. Moreover, the game’s size is 150MB so if you have downloaded the game after waiting for a while, you won’t want to do it all over again.

how to fix Konosuba Fantastic Days Error 80001

Note that the game had a lot of pre-registrations already done which shows the title’s popularity even before its release. It’s not surprising that after its actual launch, the servers got overloaded. So, whenever you get the 80001 error while trying to log into the game, know that it’s an issue on the server side and not from your end.

As you can see on the game’s google play page, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days already has more than 53k ratings and is highly rated at 4.4 stars. Plus, it boasts of 500,000+ installs already so the server issues are understandable. Hopefully, the capacity is increased to accommodate the influx of players.

Once the issue is solved for you, you can continue your journey. You may need the help of the list of all playable and non-playable characters as well as our tier list. Plus, we’ll also be covering all Konosuba Fantastic Days codes for you here.