Konosuba Fantastic Days All Characters List: Playable & Non-Playable

Here's a list of all playable and non-playable characters in Konosuba Fantastic Days.

Konosuba Fantastic Days is now available globally and it’s an anime RPG with lots of fun elements. Before jumping into the game, if you want to know all about the Konosuba Fantastic Days characters list, we’ve got you covered. These are all the playable and non-playable characters that you need to get acquainted with. Plus, we’ve also added in the names of their Ultimate Attacks and Skills.

Konosuba Fantastic Days: All Characters, Ultimate Attacks & Skills List

Konosuba Fantastic Days all playable characters

Let’s look at all the playable characters.

Playable Characters Ultimate Attack Skills
Kazuma Double Drain Touch Gaia Slash+ Rock Smash+ Attack Earth elemental attack UP
Aqua God Blow Shining Buster Highness Heals + Attack Light Attack Up
Megumin Explosion Hydro Potion+ Marine Potions+ Attack Fire/Water elemental attack power UP
Darkness Please Use Me As A Wall Mega Decoy+ Offensive and Defensive Command Swing Physical damage reduction
Wiz Cursed crystal prison Wind Blast+ Wind Cutter+ Windshot+ Wind and Earth Damage UP
Yunyun Light of Saber Lightning Blast+ Lightning Bolt+ Lightning Ball+ Lightning damage UP
Arue Cursed Lightning Blaze Ignition+ Blaze Ignition Tinder Shot Fire & Dark Damage UP
Chris Wire Tornado Blaze Edge+ Fire Assault+ Attack Fire Attribute attack up
Iris Exterion Hydro Slash+ Marine Slash+ Slash Physical Attack UP
Cecily Axis Attack Cyclone Shot+ Cyclone Burst+ Wind Shot Wind elemental attack UP
Mitsurugi The Chosen Hero’s Sword Thunder Slash + Thunder Smash + Attack Thunder Attribute Attack Up
Dust I’m Capable When I Try Thunder Slash + Thunder Smash + Attack Thunder Attack Up
Rin Blade of Wind Fireball+ Fireball+ Tinder Shot Fire/wind elemental attacks UP
Lia Defense Prelude Chaos Thrust Dark Thrust+ Attack Dark elemental attacks UP
Cielo Sacred Highness Heal Lightning Shot+ Thunder Burst+ Spark Shot Thunder elemental attack power UP
Erika Self Call & Response Lightning Edge+ Thunder Assault+ Attack Thunder elemental attack power UP
Melissa Midnight Edge Blaze Edge+ Fire Assault+ Attack Fire elemental attacks UP
Mia Rock Bomber Tornado Thrust+ Cyclone Thrust+ Attack Earth/Wind elemental attacks UP
Amy Pain, Pain, Fly Away Gaia Burst+ Highness Heals+ Earth Shot Heal skill effect up
Komekko TBA Fire Ignition+ Blaze Attack+ Tinder Shot Fire Damage UP
Emilia TBA Al Huma Spirit Smoke Water Shot Unknown
Rem TBA Ice Iron Ball El Huma Attack Water Damage UP

All Non-Playable Characters

  • Eris
  • Chomusuke
  • Vanir
  • Luna
  • Ruffian
  • Kajiya
  • Sena
  • Succubus Receptionist
  • Rain
  • Claire
  • Aldarp
  • Walter
  • Veldia
  • Hans
  • Daniel
  • Charlie

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