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Knockout City: How To Change Name?

Let’s see how to change your name in Knockout City

Knockout city is a Dodgeball sports game that has been wreaking havoc amongst the Multiplayer communities. While the game is about hitting enemies with the ball and how quick you are, there is more to it. Multiplayer games like these aren’t only about how good you are but also how good you look. This is also the reason why there are so many apparel options available for your character. Character name is one of the characteristics that stand out in multiplayer as people recognize you by it. It would be embarrassing to go around with a Lame name. Let’s see how you can change your name in Knockout City.

How To Change Name In Knockout City?


Changing the name is a bit tricky in this game as you can’t change it through Origin. Players need to open the EA desktop launcher and click on the Settings button in the upper right corner. Here you will find the Edit profile option where you can edit your Nickname. The change will directly reflect in Knockout city when you start the game. Many people had changed their name through the profile option in Origin but it seems useless in the case of Knockout City. Why Knockout picks the name from the EA desktop launcher instead of Origin is still unknown.

For Console players, Knockout city picks the name from your PSN id and Gamertag for Play station and Xbox players respectively. This makes changing the name more difficult for Console players. Given that how the game picks the name from PSN id and Gamertag it shows how your EA account nickname doesn’t matter here. This means the game will pick the game from your network. This might explain why the Desktop launcher instead of Origin.

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