Kingdom Hearts 3 Accidental Watermark Has Been Found by Players

Someone Left A Watermark In KH3?

It is no surprise that when a game embeds tiny easter eggs that the gaming community will search every last bit of data to search for it but it is a huge revelation when a watermark gets sent out in the final version of the game and that’s what happened to Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Accidental Watermark

Eagle-eyed Redditer u/Dranzahi posted a still image of Elsa singing ‘Let it go’ in the game and mid-song he found a watermark on her arm. It is barely visible but if you freeze frame at the right moment you will see the word ‘Arnold’ written on both her arms.


This fueled a light-hearted comment spree on the thread in which one user commented: “It doesn’t look like anything to me.” A popular line from the TV Show Westworld in which Arnold was one of the creators.

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Another commenter threw light on the subject stating that it might have been because of “Autodesk Maya when it cannot access an Arnold Rendering Licence”.

It is strange to see such a watermark to be left within the game without the developers at Square Enix noticing it first and seems like even Sora couldn’t keep this locked up with his legendary keyblade.

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