Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate locations and How to Complete Strategy Guide

Where to find all 15 Battlegates in KH3

Battlegates in Kingdom Hearts 3 are bonus challenges and are spawned all across the world. Completing these challenges will not only reward you with rare materials and powerful equipment but also Secret Report Pages which provides info about other characters in the game.

Where to find Battlegate locations in Kingdom Heart 3

There are 15 Battlegate Challenges you need to locate and complete. This Kingdom Heart 3 guide will provide you with the location and strategy on how to complete them with ease.

Battlegate 1 Location – Keyblade Graveyard

You will encounter your very first Battlegate at various location throughout the Skein of Severance. You will have to fight your way through three waves of Heartless. Try to use the area-of-effect spells – Thundaga and save your time with your keyblade.

  • Rewards: None

Battlegate 2 Location – Realm of the Gods, Olympus

Teleport to Summit save point and head straight towards the Realm of the Gods. You will encounter multiple waves of Satyr, Archers and water Cores which is pretty easy to take them down.

  • Rewards: Fire Cufflink gear and Secret Report 1

Battlegate 3 Location – Realm of the Gods, Olympus

The Second Gate in the Realm of the Gods is at the same place(Apex) where you fought three titans and saved Zeus. This one is a bit of a challenge as you need to take down a couple of Rock Trolls along with stragglers.

  • Rewards: Cosmic Belt+ and Secret Report #2

Battlegate 4 Location – Old Mansion, Twilight Town

Simply teleport to Twilight Town and head away from the mansion towards the woods. The Battlegate is right in front of the gates. You will face two waves in this fight, first with a large group of basic Nobody creatures while the second with some puppets and more troublesome Sorcerer.

  • Rewards: Evanescent Crystal and Secret Report #3

Battlegate 5 Location – Kid Korral, Toy Box

Fast travel point in the Toy Story world to start the battlegate. Here you will face a couple of waves of low-level Heartless, but do watch out for the turrets poking out of the ground.

  • Rewards: Megalixir and Secret Report #4

Battlegate 6 Location – Galaxy Toys, Toy Box

Start taking down the large group of Supreme Smashers and Gigas once you teleport to the Galaxy Toys Entrance save point.

  • Rewards: Thunder Cufflink and Secret Report #5

Battlegate 7 Location – Wildflower Clearing, Kingdom of Corona

This Battlegate is hidden into the Wetlands. Once you reach the Wildflower Clearing save point to head towards the valley and jump down into a larger clearing to find the battlegate orb.

  • Rewards: Illusory Crystal and Secret Report #6

Battlegate 8 Location – Forest, Kingdom of Corona

From Rapunzel’s Tower take the secret passage towards the clearing outside and locate this Battlegate. You will encounter Chief Puffs and a few Heartless alongside a trio of Parasol Beauties.

  • Rewards: Aero Cufflink and Secret Report 7

Battlegate 9 Location – Monstropolis

First, reach the Door Vault save point then hop on the lengthy grind rail atop where you had a boss encounter in the story. You are now up against swirling vortex of Heartless and Demon Tower so look when the eyes flash red the attack is about to come.

  • Rewards: Illusory Crystal and Secret Report 8

Battlegate 10 Location – Ice Labyrinth, Arendelle

While in Arendelle hit up the third save point, The Gorge then head into the Ice Labyrinth to use the elevator to reach the middle tier of Labyrinth. You will find this Battlegate across the hallway in the next room.

  • Rewards: Evanescent Crystal and Secret Report 9

Battlegate 11 Location – Huddled Isles, The Caribbean

While in the Caribbean, head towards the underwater caves to the cove where you found the Leviathan ship. Here you will encounter a few Heartless, Anchor Raiders, Large Bodies, and Water Cores.

  • Rewards: Water Cufflink and Secret Report #10

Battlegate 12 Location – North District, Sanfransokyo

Visit the North District in San Fransokyo then jump up onto the monorail tracks and follow them towards the tunnel at the end.

  • Rewards: Ying/Yang Cufflink accessory and Secret Report 11

Battlegate 13 Location – North District, Sanfransokyo

Head on the roof of a building next to all the flying fans. Get ready to face some Heartless with your keyblade to thin out the pack.

  • Rewards: Blizzard Cufflink and Secret Report #12

Battlegate 14 Location – The Badlands, Keyblade Graveyard

Head to your south(behind you) once you get to Badlands save point. Now get out of the cave to start the challenging battlegate against massive Catastrochorus monster.

  • Rewards: Celestriad and Secret Report 13

Battlegate 15 Location – The Badlands, Keyblade Graveyard

From the Badlands save point proceed towards the open area ahead. Being the final Battlegate, you will be up against a Dark Inferno Hearthless all alone. Watch out for the Dark Inferno when he changes color that means his attacks will be stronger and faster.

  • Rewards: Crystal Regalia and stat bonuses that give you a new selfie pose

These were all the Battlegate challenges you will encounter in KH3. Do check our other Guides, Tips, and Tricks for Kingdom Heart 3.

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