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Splitgate Killstreak Names List

Here's the complete list of Killstreak names in Splitgate.

Getting kills in is easy, but when you get kill streaks, that’s when it starts getting fun. If you manage to eliminate quite a few players without being killed, you will get informed of it. In this article, let’s look at the Splitgate Killstreak Names list that you can unlock.

All Splitgate Killstreak Names List

  • Killing Spree – Get 5 Kills
  • Killection Agency – 10 Kills
  • Fragtastic – 15 Kills
  • King of Carnage – 20 Kills
  • Absolute Mad Lad – 25 Kills
  • Superkillifragelisticextrakilladocious – 50 Kills

As you can tell, with every +5 kills, you unlock a new Killstreak name. When you reach the 60th kill, it goes back to Killing spree in the beta version of the game. But in the final launched game, more names could possibly be added so let’s wait and watch.

splitgate killstreak achievements

Splitgate Kill Achievements

There are quite a few achievements that you can unlock when you achieve kill streaks in Splitgate. We’ve listed them below:

  • On Fire: Get 500 kills to unlock it
  • Back-2-Back: Get 25 double kills to unlock it
  • Crowd Control: Get 10 triple kills to unlock it
  • Unstoppable: Get a quad kill to unlock it
  • Headhunter: Get 50 headshot kills to unlock it
  • Trickster: Get a Portal kill to unlock it
  • Gunslinger: Get 30 pistol kills to unlock it
  • Dead Eye: Get 25 headshot kills using a sniper rifle to unlock it
  • 2 for 1 Special: Get a collateral kill using a sniper rifle to unlock it
  • Lasered: Get a collateral kill using a railgun to unlock it
  • SMG Goes Brr: Unleash 2500 damage using an SMG

So, that’s all about Splitgate Killstreak Names. Meanwhile, make sure you are up-to-date with all the hidden tips and tricks related to Splitgate. If you are aiming at getting multiple kill streaks, you should check them out right away. Also find out how to unlock Rainbow skin, how to finish the Olympus race.