How To Kill The Twins Mutant In Sons Of The Forest

Learn how to effectively kill the creepy mutant known as the Twins in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest features many creepy mutant enemies that you will come across, one such mutant you will need to kill is the Twins. Trying to survive by getting ample food and water in the forest is only one of the aspects of the game. The other aspect is to fight off the local mutants that inhabit the island in Sons of the Forest. Let’s take a look at how you can kill The Twins.

How to Fight and Kill The Twins in Sons of the Forest

kill the twins sons of the forest

The Twins are one of the weirder mutants that you can come across in Sons of the Forest. This mutant is like a conjoined twin with what looks like two different people connected to each other. One half of the Twins have feminine features and a high-pitch scream while the other has masculine features with a low-pitch growl.

Coming across the Twins can be rare on the surface in Sons of the Forest. However, they are often found in the depths of a lot of cave systems.

In order to fight and kill them, first let’s learn how they attack. The Twins have three distinctive attacks namely Claw Swipe, Bite, and Running Leap. All of these attacks are done at close range so they are avoidable by making some distance. The Twins often try to flank rather than take a straight path so keep an eye on that.

The Running Leap can be a sudden attack to close the distance so be wary of that one. It is important to note that when two players are fighting the same Twins, each half of the Twins is able to separately target each player.

It is best to use your axe if you can dodge the melee attacks by the Twins. Alternatively, you can even use guns to very easily take it out. However, it is best to use guns for more difficult enemies with larger health pools.

That is all you need to know on how to kill the Twins in Sons of the Forest. For more guides like this on Sons of the Forest, check out our other articles like how to find Guarana Berries and how to find the Shotgun Rail.