How To Kill Terrormorphs In Starfield

Wondering how to defeat the cunning Terrormorph in Starfield? Read on to learn more about these terrifying beasts.

Terrormorphs are one of the most terrifying animals you may encounter when traveling across the Starfield universe. Found on many of the more hostile planets, they are highly aggressive and intelligent predators that hunt in packs. Terrormorphs will employ cunning ambush tactics and flanking maneuvers to overwhelm explorers. We’ll explain how to defeat the Terrormorph, its location, and its rewards in Starfield.

There are two variations of Terrormorphs – normal and mutated albinos – with the latter being significantly stronger and more challenging to defeat.

How to Defeat Terrormorphs in Starfield

how to find kill terrormorphs in starfield
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To start, it’s crucial to target the heads of Terrormorphs because this not only inflicts more damage but also has a chance to stun them. Terrormorphs can be effectively dealt with using long-range rifles like sniper rifles, as they can deliver substantial damage from a distance. Additionally, energy-based weapons and explosives prove highly effective against these creatures.

Since they’ll adjust their attacks based on your position, it’s important to keep moving when you engage. Finally, utilizing the environment to your advantage, such as luring Terrormorphs near automated turrets or explosive barrels, can greatly assist in defeating them.

Terrormorphs Locations and Rewards

They are formidable enemies throughout various planets, including Tau Ceti II and Kreet. You can expect to face your first Terrormorph during the Grunt Work quest on Tau Ceti II, where you must collect a tissue sample for analysis.

Upon defeating a Terrormorph, you can receive various rewards from its corpse. Due to their mini-boss status, Terrormorphs drop rarer loot than regular enemies.

Some more useful items include Anomalous Samples for crafting exotic gear, Quark-Degenerate Tissues that boost health regeneration, and Spice for increasing attributes. Hallucinogens and metabolic agents from Terrormorphs can also be processed into potent consumables.

That’s everything covered for Terrormorphs in Starfield. Moreover, you can go through the Starfield section on Gamer Tweak to find more helpful tips and guides on this game.