Kill Slayton Or Deal With Musgrove In Starfield?

In the All That Money Can Buy quest in Starfield, you have the choice of killing Slayton or making a deal with Musgrove.

During the All That Money Can Buy quest, when you confront Musgrove as an alternative to dealing with Slayton directly, you come to a critical decision point – will you spare Musgrove’s life or ensure he is eliminated? Both choices come with consequences that could impact your playthrough. Should you kill Slayton or deal with Musgrove in Starfield, we’ll explain.

Should You Spare or Kill Nicolaus Slayton?

Kill Slayton Or Deal With Musgrove In Starfield? In All That Money Can Buy quest, Constellation member Walter Stroud recruits you to help him close a tricky deal to acquire another piece of the cosmic puzzle.

When you meet Slayton, he locks you inside the city walls. It seems he will stop at nothing to eliminate any competition, including Walter Stroud. Now you find yourself in a dangerous situation deep in enemy territory. With Stroud unable to get you out, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands to escape.

What Happens If You Kill Slayton

Killing Nicolaus Slayton is the most profitable option in the short term, as you can loot his entire penthouse of valuable equipment and items. However, it locks you out of some positive dialogue options later and upsets Walter, who disapproves of Slayton’s tactics. It may provide short-term gains but hurts your reputation.

What Happens If You Deal With Musgrove

If you spare Slayton, you’ll find the thief Musgrove injured on the floor. Musgrove sold you faulty information that got you into this confrontation. Letting Musgrove go or having him arrested are better options.

Letting him go pleases Walter and increases affinity with some companions. Having him arrested boosts affinity with lawful companions. Both choices significantly improve Walter’s opinion of you and unlock additional positive dialogue. You still receive decent rewards but also strengthen key relationships.

How To Complete All That Money Can Buy Quest In Starfield

What Happens If You Kill Musgrove

Killing the Musgrove is the worst choice. It will upset most of your companions and deeply disappoint Walter. You also get few credits or loot and damage your relationships.

That’s all there is to know about the kill Slayton or deal with Musgrove options in Starfield. In case you have any other doubts, feel free to browse Gamer Tweak. We have stacked up plenty of guides like Best Rifles, Best Traits, and Best Ships to have.