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Starfield All That Money Can Buy Quest Guide

Wondering how to complete the All That Money Can Buy quest in Starfield? Check out our comprehensive walkthrough guide.

The colorful streets of Neon hide more than just eye-catching neon lights. The residents of this planet know how to drive a hard bargain, especially when rare and valuable artifacts are on the line. In Starfield’s All That Money Can Buy quest, Constellation member Walter Stroud recruits you to help him close a tricky deal to acquire another piece of the cosmic puzzle.

This won’t be an easy errand. The sellers in Neon play dirty and won’t give up an Artifact for cheap. You’ll need to make careful dialogue choices to secure this prize for Constellation. We’ll outline the All That Money Can Buy quest walkthrough in Starfield.

All That Money Can Buy Quest in Starfield

How To Complete All That Money Can Buy Quest In Starfield

When you finish the main storyline quest, Into the Unknown, Walter Stroud will approach you about arranging a meeting to acquire another artifact. Travel with him to Neon to check in at the Stroud-Eklund headquarters.

You’ll need to investigate security options at the nearby Astral Lounge, where the deal is set to take place. Get upgraded protection or persuade the bartender to lower the fee. Also, unlock the lounge’s door controls, which can only be used once.

Where to Locate The Seller

Next, locate the seller. Newill’s Goods can provide clues to find them staying in a sleepcrate at Ebbside. Search their room to learn they’re desperate for money. At the lounge meeting, use your information to help sway the negotiation in Walter’s favor. You may need to close the doors or grab the Artifact directly. However, you’ll encounter resistance from a Slayton agent.

With a bounty now on your head, you’ll need to bypass security at Slayton Aerospace HQ. Navigate the vents to confront Nicolaus Slayton directly. Agree to drop the bounty.

How to Confront Nicolaus Slayton

How To Complete All That Money Can Buy Quest In Starfield

Finally, Slayton will leave the fate of the desperate seller Musgrove up to you – you can choose to let him go free, hand him over to the authorities, or kill him outright.

Once you’re finished at Slayton Aerospace HQ, return to your ship. As you go to take off from Neon, Walter will start a conversation with you. But you’re approached by Helix, who tells you to hand over the Artifact. They explain they are the Starborn and encourage you to stop seeking the artifacts.

In the conversation with Helix, Walter will inform you that you can use your ship’s Grav Jump ability to escape from Helix and Neon. With that, Walter wraps up the quest conversation.

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