How To Kill 3 Pyro Guards With Fire In COD DMZ

Aniket Maurya
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The latest Redacted Faction in COD Warzone 2 DMZ has some new tasks to offer you. Wherein, you will be facing an interesting challenge in Tier 3 Faction Mission. To be precise, you will be dealing with a Pyro Commander and Pyro Guards in the first Tier 3 Mission known as Friendly Fire. While there is no stipulation for killing the Pyro Commander, there is a special condition for decimating the Pyro Guards. You need to kill a total of 3 Pyro Guards with fire in COD DMZ to get the job done. So, how can you complete this task? Here’s everything you should know.

How to Kill 3 Pyro Guards with Fire in DMZ (Friendly Fire Faction Mission)

Before attempting to kill the Pyro Guards, you need to find them as they are not easy to come across. That does not mean that you should scour the entire map looking for them. Instead, you need to look for them only at 3 locked stronghold locations that include:

  • Control Tower (Al Malik Airport)
  • Downtown Post Office (Al Mazrah City)
  • US Embassy (Al Mazrah City)
How to Kill 3 Pyro Guards in DMZ
Image Source – GuidingLight (YouTube)

You will be notified if there are Pyro Guards in any of these strongholds upon closing in. Further, ensure that you have the respective key to open the building. Or else, you can use a Skeleton key as it can open any building on the map. After that, break inside the stronghold to encounter the Pyro Guards in DMZ. Once you have found them, you will see there are barrels near them. Bingo! You can shoot those barrels to make them explode. Upon explosion, it will set the Pyro Guards ablaze.

At the time of writing, this is the only way to kill 3 Pyro Guards in DMZ Mode of COD Warzone 2 or MW2. Using throwables like Molotovs to kill guards with fire did not count. Maybe it is a glitch but you can try this method as well. Once done, be ready for the bigger but not-so-difficult challenge of killing the Pyro Commander.


That is pretty much everything you can do to kill 3 Pyro Guards in the Friendly Fire mission of COD DMZ. Also, if you are a regular COD player, then you should check out our guides on the Best Guns in COD Warzone 2.

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