How to Assassinate Bishop Engelwin in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris?

Bishop Engelwin is the first and tough target to kill. You will have to find a robe, church-key, and few more items to finally assassinate this target.

Bishop Engelwin will be your first target in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris. After his failed attack you will have to find Engelwin in Francia and assassinate him. Killing Engelwin is tricky because you will have to first find certain clues, then a church key, a robe to blend in, and finally the location of the bishop. I am going to share every detail here about killing Engelwin in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris. Follow this guide step by step and also you can watch the Rot in Slum video walkthrough.

How to Kill Engelwin Fast?

Church Location Paris AC Valhalla

Rot in Slum start right after Engelwins attack. Go to Saint Genevieve Church, talk to the guy at the gate. He is with some guards, you cannot enter this region. If you try to crash inside the guards will attack you. This is one way to enter the church but the best is to find the backdoor key. Here are all the things you will need to find and kill Engelwin.

  1. Church Key (Flooded Slum)
  2. Bellatores Robe (Special Robe)

Where to find the Church key in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris?

Church Location Paris AC Valhalla

Boatmen Baths Tavern - Siege of Paris DLC

Talk to the guy at the entrance of the church and he will tell you cannot pass. Cloak yourself and then talk to the French Man. Go to Boatmen Bath Tavern, and there will be a cutscene. Where the owner lady of the place will give you a clue about finding a bishop. Look on the left area of the Tavern and you will find a drunken man crying for his abducted daughter.

Flooded Slum Siege of Paris

Walk to the Flooded Slum and rescue the man’s daughter. She is easy to locate, you can fight with the soldiers in open. Follow her and she will tell you about bandits in the sewer. They have the Church key. The sewer is right behind where she stops. Jump down, avoid the rats and kill two bandits inside. If you are at a dead-end, look on the left side for a broken wall. You can use that area to jump down and access the area where bandits are hiding the Church Key.

Church Key Sewer Location

Grab the and return to the church, at the backside there is a small gate that will let you inside this restricted zone. But there is one issue, the guards at the main entrance won’t let you in. So you have to lure them and kill them. Or else they will raise alert and the bigger one standing at the front gate will also attack you. Go inside the Church and turn right, there is an underground section behind the carved stone. Go down and the guard will stop you. He will tell you about a special robe.

Where to find Special Robe in Siege of Palace to assassinate Engelwin?

Bellatores Robe 

Return to the Church hall and look for stairs behind the benches. Go up and talk to the French Men, loot the chest in the corner. You will get Bellatores Robe, which is the special robe required to unlock the underground Dungeon below the church. This is the hidden place where you will finally trigger Bishop Engelwin’s boss fight. But before there is a small puzzle, just light up the two torches, or else the lady will not let you pass.

Tips to assassinate Bishop Engelwin:

  1. Kill the guards first in stealth. They can be a nuisance during the boss fight.
  2. 300-350 is the best power level for this boss fight.
  3. Use abilities to get high damage.
  4. Learn to dodge properly, this will help you a lot in surviving lethal attacks.
  5. Carry enough healing potions.

For weapons, I tried duals words due to fast movement. Engelwin also uses a dual weapon and has a pretty huge health bar. Try to maintain distance from him and use an arrow if to slow him down. There is also a video walkthrough on how to kill Engelwin, if you are having doubts watch it below.