Jack-O Pose Meme Explained: What Is The Crouch Challenge?

This is what you should know about Jack-O Pose from Guilty Gear Strive (GGST) before trying it out.

If you play Guilty Gear Strive or if you have been on the internet for quite some time you must have come across the popular Jack-O pose at least as a meme. Many might not know the character but there is a good chance you must have seen some posts of people or characters from other games in a peculiar pose with the jack-o challenge in the caption. And if you wonder where it originates from, then this guide is here to help. So here is everything you should know about this meme.

What is the Jack-O Pose from Guilty Gear Strive?

guilty gear strive jack-o pose meme and challenge origin explained

Jack-O Pose is nothing but the idle crouching animation of the character Jack-O Valentine in the Guilty Gear series. The animation is fairly simple and straightforward. She bends forward and presses her upper body to the ground while having her legs spread in a V-position to support this stance. And while it may appear an easy position to take. Anyone planning on trying this stance should work a lot on their flexibility.

This move is possible for her because she isn’t a human. No, this is not me calling her a video-game character and dismissing her. But as per the game’s lore, Jack-O’ is an artificial life-form created by Asuka R. Kreutz. Oh, and many have done this pose in real life.

Origin of the Jack-O Pose Meme & Challenge

Before being part of Guilty Gear Strive, Jack-O was a character in Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR. The earliest known meme was posted by Munchyjr on YouTube with the Title “Absolute Queen“. In this video, she hits her signature pose but her opponent Potemkin also hits the same pose.

As for the Jack-O Pose Challenge, in it, the participants have to do the pose themselves and post their picture online. This challenge became popular around the time when Jack-O Valentine was announced as a DLC character for the game.

That covers everything you should know about what the Jack-O pose is in Guilty Gear Strive (GGST) and the origin of the meme and the challenge. If you are interested in this game be sure to check our other guides on the best mods, achievements & trophies list, and how to invite & play with friends.