Is There Crossplay In The Finals Between PC, PS5 And Xbox?

Want to play The Finals with your friends on other platforms? Here is everything you should know about this game’s cross-play.

One of the most important necessities in online multiplayer games and in many cases, for shooters, is the support for crossplay. In case you don’t know about it, basically if the game has this feature no matter if you play on a PC, Xbox, or PS5 you will be able to play with your friends on whatever platforms they may play on. As such many new players want to know if The Finals has crossplay. Well, here you can not only find out about that, but also its cross-platform and cross-progression features!

Is There Crossplay in The Finals?

Is There Crossplay In The Finals And How To Enable Or Disable It
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Yes, The Finals does support crossplay. As mentioned before, it doesn’t matter if you play on a PC or a Console you will be able to join your friends on the other platform.

Is There Cross Progression in The Finals?

Yes, there is cross-progression in The Finals. In order to make use of it you will have to link your Embark ID with your platform accounts. So if you want to share the account progress between your Xbox and Steam accounts, then you will have to first link them. The same is true for PS5 and Xbox, PS5 and PC, or linking all three!

Does The Finals Support Cross Platform?

No, The Finals is available only on the latest gen consoles. So you won’t be able to play it on your PS4 or Xbox One. This feature is useful for players of newer-gen consoles who want to play with older-gen consoles players or vice versa. Typically, when you have cross-platform a PS5 player can play together with their PS4 friend, similar to Xbox.

Can you disable Crossplay

Yes, you can enable or disable crossplay in The Finals from the game’s settings.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to the Gameplay tab.
  3. Under the Network section, you will find the Crossplay option.
  4. Set it as On or Off to enable or disable it respectively.

Do note that you cannot change it on the fly, that is while in the middle of a match. So you will have to change it before you start a match or after it ends.

That’s all for the crossplay features of The Finals. I suggest you also check our guides on how to check server status and get better at the game.