Dead Or Alive 7 Release Date – Is It Canceled?

If you have been wondering about Dead or Alive 7 being canceled, you are not alone. Here is everything we know about this game’s release.

One of the most anticipated releases, Dead or Alive 7 is allegedly canceled and DOA fans have not been able to digest this news. The game was set to release on May 6, 2024. Fans have been patiently waiting for Team Ninja to release another addition to the series, after DOA 6, which was released in 2019, although, due to some shocking information revealed in 2022, everything changed.

The Dead or Alive franchise initially gained popularity due to its unique gameplay features and captivating visuals. However, all the praises came to a halt due to an abrupt announcement. Below, we will try to understand this situation and whether this game will be making a comeback or not.

Dead Or Alive 7 Cancellation Explained

Is Dead Or Alive 7 Cancelled
Source – Steam

Many DOA fans have been surprised by the sudden announcement that was made by Hiroaki Morita, who is a part of Team Ninja. This was done on May 3, 2022, and caused players to speculate whether is this just a hoax or true.

Even though the discussion about this situation has been happening on various social media platforms, nothing is confirmed. Although, many seem to believe this news is true or else someone from the team would have come forward to defend this statement, claiming it is false.

The announcement also mentions that the project was scrapped just before Yohei Shimbori, who was involved with DOA game design, production, and direction since 2004, retired. When this news was out, fans were further convinced that there might not be any hope for DOA 7.

Another contributing factor could also be the constant criticism of Dead or Alive 6, which came out in 2019. Players were quick and did not hesitate to bash the game and developers for the design, story, and game price.

Since there has been no official statement by any of the developers about this game, for now, all signs point to the game not being released.

And that’s everything you need to know about Dead Or Alive 7 release date and its news about being canceled. Stick around with our News section for more latest gaming updates.