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How To Fix Elden Ring Invisible Enemies Glitch & More

Here's how to fix Elden Ring's invisible enemies & other Bugs.

Elden Ring has its own share of bugs like invisible enemies bug and many players are looking for a fix. But instead of a one-fix for all, all the bugs have a specific workaround till we get an official patch from the devs. So meanwhile here are some fixes and solutions you can try to make your game playable till the patch is available.

Elden Ring Invisible Enemies Glitch Fix


There is a known bug in all the versions of Elden Ring in PC, PS4, PS5, & Xbox consoles, where you are not able to see the enemy, but they keep attacking you. Currently, there is no official patch from the devs to fix this.

The only way to fix the invisible enemies bug in Elden Ring is by saving, quitting the game, or reloading the game from the last Sites of Grace or nearest Stakes of Marika. But sometimes your character or even weapons can become invisible. This usually happens when you exit any Sites of Grace. Same as invisible enemies, to fix this Invisible Man bug, you have to load the recent save file or quit & start the game again.

PS: Try not to save your game, if either your character or weapon is invisible. It’s better to reload the area.


All Elden Ring Bugs Fixes

All Elden Ring Bugs (Fixes)

Here are all other Elden Ring bugs and how to fix them:


  • Black screen bug – Restart Steam & Verify Game File Integrity
  • Can’t open Menu – Force close the game and start again
  • Can’t speak with NPC – Restart the game
  • Character Creation Bug – Cancel and start character creator again
  • Controller not working Steam – Enable Steam Input
  • Failed to initialize the game launcher – Restart Steam & Verify Game File Integrity
  • Network status check failed – Wait a while & try again
  • Stuck on loading screen – Restart the game
  • Texture & Lighting Glitch – Restart the game and load the level

That’s all about how to fix Elden Ring Invisible Enemies & other bugs in the game. While you are here, make sure to check out our Elden Ring Guides for more interesting tips & tricks, like How to summon friends and play coop.