Resident Evil 2 Remake Inventory Slot Upgrade Locations Guide

Upgrading Inventory Slot in Resident Evil 2 is one of the important factors to survive longer in the game. Extending your slots will help you carry more items in your Hip Pouch. This RE2 guide will help you expand your inventory by 12 slots. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Slot hunting.

How Do You Extend Your Inventory Slot

Before you upgrade your inventory in RE2, you need to collect Hip Pouch items which are scattered all around the Raccoon Police Department. For every Hip Pouch you locate, it will increase your inventory by two slots. There is six Hip Pouch in total to find which will extend your inventory by 12 slots.

Hip Pouch Location 1

Head to 3F in Police Station towards the West Storage Room. Now check the table just opposite of the barricade(you destory with the Detonator).

Hip Pouch Location 2

Head to 1F in Police Station towards the Safety Deposit Room. Now you’ll need both Spare Keys in order to unlock the locked compartments.

Hip Pouch Location 3

Head to 1F in Police Station towards the Operations Room. Open the Safe with Code Solution (Left 9, Right 15, Left 7)

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Hip Pouch Location 4

Head towards the Underground Facility in the Operator’s Room to check the locker by the save point.

Hip Pouch Location 5

This one is in the Sewers (Upper), Workroom. You need to use T-Bar Handle on the valve in the Lower Waterway to open up a passage. You’ll find the penultimate Hip Pouch on a table inside the Workroom Lift.

Hip Pouch Location 6

Inside the Nap Room in Laboratory, the Hip Pouch can be found on one of the beds.

Now your Inventory Slots of RE2 is maxed and can handle a good amount of items. Check our other Resident Evil 2 Tricks, Tips and Guides.