How To Inspect A Weapon Or Gun In MW2 (2023)

Check out our guide on how to inspect your weapons in COD Modern Warfare (MW) 2.

COD Modern Warfare 2 features a wide range of weapons, unlockables, and gear items. As you progress with different challenges and missions, you will unlock plenty of weapons and their unique skins. It is valid to take a glance at the weapons that you worked so hard to unlock and get. Unlike Vanguard, you can inspect your different weapons to take a look at them. But several players are confused about how to do so. Not to worry, check out our guide that explains how to inspect your weapons in Modern Warfare (MW) 2.

How to Inspect Your Weapons in COD MW2

It is a pretty simple mechanism that involves only a single keybind. But it depends on the supported platform and the input device you are using. So, if you are using a Controller, hit the left directional key to inspect your weapon. For the players using the keyboard and mouse, hit the I key button. This will trigger the inspect animation that will give you a detailed look. It will allow you to take a look at the equipped weapon from all angles.

cod mw 2 inspect weapon
Image Source – Ordinary Sense on YouTube.

But we suggest not inspecting your equipped weapons in the middle of the match. You need to find a hidden or safe spot to inspect your weapons. Also, avoid pressing the inspect weapon keybinds in the heat of the match. As the animation triggers, this might be the reason for the enemies to take a shot. So, make sure not to accidentally press the inspect weapon keybinds.

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