Splitgate Contamination Game Mode Explained

Here's all about the new Infection game mode called Contamination in Splitgate.

Splitgate Season 0 is here will new modifications and even a new Infection Game Mode called Contamination. So if you are wondering what all the fuss about the new game mode is then don’t worry you are at the right place. We will look at the basics you need to know so you are ready from your very first match in this mode. So let’s look at the Splitgate Contamination game mode explained in this guide.

Splitgate Infection Game Mode Contamination Explained

Contamination is a new game mode in Splitgate that plays similarly to asymmetrical game types found in other famous fps such as Call of Duty’s Infected mode. Two four-person teams, the Contaminated and the Humans, will compete in an asymmetrical game. The Contaminated squad begins with only a melee weapon bat and must eliminate Human team members who can just carry shotguns in the entire match.

When players on the Human squad get infected, they respawn and swap sides to the Contaminated team. The Contaminated must infect as many players as possible in order to gain points. Human players are given a shotgun and must kill as many infected players as possible to win points. The match will finish when the clock runs out or when all members of the Human squad have been contaminated. The game put pressure on the contaminated players to get really close to human players to turn them. And the human players can only use limited range shotguns which makes seeking out the infected, as important as they are seeking you.

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