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Dying Light 2 – How To Increase Weapon Durability?

Here's our guide on how to increase your weapon's durability in Dying Light 2.

Just like its predecessor, Dying Light 2 also has the unique feature of weapons breaking down. Once your weapon goes to zero durability, you have no other choice rather than to switch the weapon. You can add mods to your weapons to increase their durability until they break down completely. Adding any of the mods will increase its durability by 50. While it certainly is a more realistic approach to a zombie apocalypse, players are wondering if there is a way to fixate and prolong the durability of the weapon. So, here’s our guide on how to increase the weapon’s durability in Dying Light 2.

How to Increase Weapon Durability in Dying Light 2?


dying light 2 weapon durability

Is there a way to make your weapons more durable along with other weapon mods? Yes, there is. For that, you need to add Reinforcement mod to your weapons. It reinforces and lowers the loss of durability in a weapon. Unlike other weapon mods, you can add this mod to your weapon 8 times. As it is a unique mod added only to the grip of a weapon, you will need a Grip slot for that particular weapon. Grip slot is usually available on Artifact weapons. Thus, allowing you to add this mod only on such specific weapons. Scroll till the end to know how to add this mod.

Follow these Steps to Add a Reinforcement Mod in DL 2


  • Head over to the Craftmaster and purchase the Reinforcement mod.
  • Then, go to the Inventory and choose the weapon you want to apply this mod onto.
  • Hit the Modify option to apply the Reinforcement mod that will strengthen your weapon’s durability per strike.
  • You can upgrade this mod multiple times for better results.

Applying this mod prolongs your weapon’s span. Sooner or later you will need to switch to a different weapon. Because although it lowers your weapon’s durability loss to 100%, it is impossible to evade the inevitable. That is your weapons breaking down.

That’s all on how to increase the durability of your weapons in Dying Light 2. If this guide helped you, you can check our other guides on how to swap weapons, how to change FOV, and how to fast travel in DL 2 right here on Gamer Tweak.