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Dying Light 2: How To Change FOV

Want to see more of the world Dying Light 2 Stay Human has to offer? Check out this guide to learn how.

Dying Light 2 makes you survive in a zombie-infested world by doing parkour or you can also choose to fight them. Whatever your play style might be both of these require you to see as much of the world as possible. That is because awareness of your surroundings is an important part of Dying Light 2, this is where the ability to change your FOV comes in. And if you are looking to do that, you are at the right place. So without further ado let us check how to change FOV (field of view) in Dying Light 2.

How to Change FOV of Dying Light 2


how to change field of view in dying light 2

  1. Open the Pause menu by pressing the menu button on your controller or the Esc key on the keyboard.
  2. Here go to Options.
  3. In Options, go to the Video section and choose the Advanced video settings. Press the X or square buttons on your controller or F on the keyboard to open Advanced video settings.
  4. Here you will find Field of View below Sharpness and above Antialiasing Quality.
  5. Now you can change the FOV in two ways:
    • Increasing FOV: Drag the slider to the right to increase your field of view.
    • Decreasing FOV: Move the slider to the left to decrease your field of view.

While changing your FOV is easy there are a few things you should keep in mind if you plan to change it. Decreasing the FOV might help improve the game’s performance a bit, but with lower FOV you will need to move your camera more. On the contrary, if you increase your FOV, you get more of the world to see without moving the camera much. But it may cause performance issues, not to mention if you increase it too much you may find things hard to spot.


I will suggest you try messing with the FOV settings until something works for you. In case you want to revert your FOV for whatever reason, you can simply do that by returning to defaults. Alternatively, you can also change the FOV value to 0 for the default FOV settings.

That sums up everything you need to know about how to change FOV (field of view) settings in Dying Light 2 Stay Human for PC. Since you like playing this game you should also check our other guides on how to get the grappling hook and how to customize your character.