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Dying Light 2: How To Customize Character & Change Appearance

Wondering if Dying Light 2 supports character creation? Find out about it in this guide.

Want to kill the infected in Style? Dying light 2 allows that by letting you customize your character. The best part is, they have made some definitive changes when it comes to how your character looks and plays. So if you plan to play Dying Light 2 then this guide will help you with how character customization works, how to change their appearance. and if you can create a character.

How to Customize Character in Dying Light 2 (Change Appearance)


dying light 2 character customization and how to create a character

You can customize your character in Dying Light 2 by changing their Outfits or modifying the Skill tree.

  • Changing Character outfits: The game has confirmed that it has more than 500 outfits. But that’s not all the outfits in this game are separate when compared to the original game. Now you can equip the shoes, gloves, pants, etc. in 6 different slots. But the best part about armor or outfits is that they also help by boosting your in-game stats. So it is safe to say that character customization is one of the best features Dying Light 2 has to offer.
  • Managing the Skill tree: It might be easy to overlook but you will be surprised how much the skill trees can affect your player. There are two skill trees Combat and Parkour. The combat skill tree focuses on how you attack your enemy, while the Parkour skill tree focuses on how you flee from it. Skills from both of these trees can come in handy based on the situation. Some of the known skills include Perfect parry, Ground Pound, and Block charge.


Finally, if you are wondering if you can create a character to alter its appearance then no you can’t do that. You can’t change their build for height, body type, etc. the most you can do to change them is use outfits to make them look unique.

That sums up everything you need to know about how to customize your character in Dying Light 2 and if you can create a character. Don’t miss out on our other guides on how to fix the game won’t launch error and how to unlock & play co-op.