Persona 5 Royal: How To Increase Charm

By Shubham
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Persona 5 Royal is an award-winning RPG that revolves around the life of a high school Tokyo student, Joker. Similar to the previous installments, increasing the different social stats can help you get closer to certain confidants. Charm is one of the social stats that can be increased to get closer to Death and Priestess. As you increase this stat, you can unlock the Star confidant and land a part-time job at the Flower shop. Sounds charming? But several players are confused about increasing this stat. So, check out our guide on how to increase the Charm in Persona 5 Royal.

How to Increase the Charm in Persona 5 Royal

There are several ways to increase the Charm stat. Mentioned below are some of the ways to increase this Social stat in Persona 5 Royal:

Spend Time with Confidants

Certain confidants can increase the charm stat when you spend time with them. This includes the Toranosuke Yoshida, the Sun Confidant, and Ichiko Ohya, the Devil Confidant. You can meet Yoshida if you work twice during the evenings at the Beef Bowl shop. You can unlock his confidant by helping him out. Then, he will start inviting you to his speeches. As you spend time with him, you will receive a +3 Charm stat every time.

Speaking of Ichiko, you can meet her at the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku during the evenings. You can unlock her confidant as you talk to her. Similar to Toranosuke, you will get a +3 charm stat every time you spend time with her.

At School

You can get the +3 charm stat for acing your exam tests at the school. But for that, you need to rank 4 in Knowledge. During these exams, the teacher will throw chalk at Joker. You can gain an additional +3 charm for dodging the chalk. For that, you need a high rank in Proficiency. But this happens only on set dates on 16th April, 15th October, and 24th October.

Part-Time Jobs

Two jobs can increase your Charm stat in Persona 5 Royal. You can opt for the first job at the Crossroads Bar as a bartender. But to get hired, you need rank 3 Guts, rank 4 Proficiency, and rank 3 Charm stat. You can gain +2 Charm for speaking to the woman in the evening dress during your Sunday shifts.

how to increase charm persona 5 royal

For another part-time job, head over to the Triple Seven Convenience store. You can get +3 and +2 charm stats for answering the right answer about the barcode location of an item. But similar to the chalk-throwing event, it happens only on specific times or dates. You can get this question on every date that has 7 in it. For example, 07, 17, or 27th.

At Leblanc

Several things can increase your charm in LeBlanc. You can purchase a second-hand television and a retro video gaming console from the Yumenoshima shop. You can find this second-hand shop in Yongen-Jaya. Once you have purchased a TV, you can watch several DVDs from Central Street in Shibuya. You can gain +3 charm stat for watching Not-so-hot-Betsy while you can gain +2 charm for watching Bubbly Hills and 90210.

how to increase charm persona 5 royal

Talking about video games, you can increase your charm by +2 by playing Punch Out and Gambla Goemon. Aside from these activities, you can gain Charm for reading at the stool in Leblanc. While it may take more than one session for completing a book, certain books can increase by +3 charm. These include the Reckless Cassanova, Alluring Dancer, and Playing the Game.

Eating Burgers

This is perhaps the easiest way to raise your Charm stat. You can head over to the Big Bang Burger and take on the Burger challenge. If you complete this challenge, you can increase in Knowledge, Guts, and Charm. Eating specific burgers can also increase your Charm stat. Here are the following Charm boosts you can get:

  • +3 Charm: Eating the Cosmic Tower burger
  • +2 Charm: Eating the Gravity burger
  • +1 Charm: Eating the Comet burger

That’s everything covered on how to increase the Charm in Persona 5 Royal. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to increase Kindness, how to get Satanael, and more Persona 5 Royal Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.

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