Persona 5 Royal: How To Increase Kindness

Aniket Maurya
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As we all know that it is necessary to excel in social stats to progress in Persona 5 Royal. Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Charm, and Kindness are the 5 Social Stats in this game. The Kindness stat is important as it helps and contributes to progressing ranks with Confidants. The Kindness stat can be distinguished further as we level up its rank. There are 5 ranks that go Inoffensive, Considerate, Empathetic, Selfless, and Angelic. If you want to know about increasing your Kindness in Persona 5 Royal, then this guide is for you. Read it till last and know some of the best ways to earn a decent amount of Kindness.

How to Increase Kindness in Persona 5 Royal

How to increase Kindness in Persona 5 Royal

There are certain activities that boost your Kindness in this game. It is possible to do it by playing video games, doing part-time jobs, watching movies, gardening, etc. Check out the following details to know more:


You can watch over plants in the Leblanc by using Plant Nutrients. These nutrients are available to purchase at Discount Shop or Flower Shop in Shibuya. Also, keep in mind that more costly nutrients will get you more Kindness. Like Garden Energy gets you +1 Kindness, Bio Nutrients gets you +2 Nutrients, and Mega Fertilizer gets you +3 Kindness in Persona 5 Royal.

Playing Video Games & Watching TV

The required items here are:

  • Television – Available for purchase at Yumenoshima, Yongen-Jaya.
  • DVD Player – Available for purchase at Central Street, Shibuya.

Further, watching Wraith will get you +2 Kindness and ICU will get you +3 Kindness.

  • Retro Game Console – Purchase it from Yumenoshima, Yongen-Jaya. You can play the Train of Life game that will get you +2 Kindness if you win.
  • Also, you can watch movies that premiere in different regions such as:
Movie Region Kindness
The Cake Night Rises Shibuya 3
Mes Miserables Shibuya 3
Clean Hard Shibuya 3
The Duhvengers Shinjuku 3
Popo’s Nest Yongen-Jaya 3
The Good Father Yongen-Jaya 3

Reading Books – Best Way to Increase Kindness in Persona 5 Royal

It is recommended to read the following books in Persona 5 Royal to increase your Kindness:

Books Where to Obtain Kindness
Zorro, The Outlaw Shujin Academy Library 3
The Illusory Popess Shujin Academy Library (After Makoto Nijima’s entrance in Phantom Thieves) 3
Buchiko’s Story Taiheido Bookstore in Shibuya Central Street 3
Call Me Chief Jinbocho 3

Part-Time Jobs

Working at Rafflesia Flower Shop in Underground Mall at Shibuya can increase your Kindness by +2 each shift. Also, if you get your customer the correct bouquet of flowers, then you can get +3 Kindness in Persona 5 Royal. However, your Charm level should be at level 2.


The Hierophant Confidant, Sojiro Sakura can get you +3 Kindness if you hang out with him. Although, you can find him mostly at night times near Leblanc. In addition, Shinya Oda, the Tower Confidant can also increase your Kindness stat by +3 points in Persona 5 Royal. But, you need to unlock him by completing the “Winners Don’t Use Cheats” quest.

These are all the ways through which you can increase your Kindness in Persona 5 Royal. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Persona 5 Royal guides.

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