How To Increase & Carry More Ammo In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Are you tired of running out of ammo when needed the most in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora? Here is how you can increase its capacity.

One of the problems common in Action Adventure games that players are facing in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is they end up exhausting their ammo. Thus they are looking for ways to increase its capacity so that they can prepare better and carry more of it into battles. As the name explains itself, ammo capacity decides how much ammo you can have at a time.

It is applicable to both, the arrows for your bows and various bullets for your guns. Although, a good thing about this game’s combat system is it lets you craft ammo on the fly easily. So even if they do get over, you can quickly restock them. However, it is always better to carry extra than to adapt mid-fight for safer plays.

How to Increase Maximum Ammo Capacity in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

How To Increase Ammo Capacity In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

You have to upgrade the “Extra Ammo” Skills in the Memories of the Warrior Path tree to increase your maximum ammo capacity. Initially, it will be very low but you shouldn’t worry as one of the main ways to get skill points is to complete quests. You can also find Tarsyu saplings for the same. So within a couple of hours, you should have a handful of skill points to increase your ammo or energy.

How to Craft Ammo

Before you can craft any ammo you will need the recipe for it. Another important thing is that you will need is its resources. This will vary for each type of ammo. Resources you can stumble upon during your exploration, as for recipes you need to purchase them from Vendors.

In order to craft ammo, simply open the weapon wheel and highlight the weapon that you need the ammo for. Now hold the “Craft” button and it will be added to your inventory.

That is all on how you can increase your ammo capacity in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. While you are here also check out our guides on how to get Clan favor and the list of all cooking recipes.