How To Increase Maximum Energy In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Did you run out of energy in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora? Here is how you can increase it.

Energy serves several different purposes in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. Namely, it is needed when you fast travel, you also won’t be able to use boosts while riding Ikran when it is low on energy. However, the biggest reason why you should increase it is when you completely run out of it, you won’t be able to automatically heal yourself.

When you look at your health bar, below you can find another blue bar, which represents your energy. During fights whenever you take hits, it auto heals you. But after it gets drained, you will have to eat food or rely on other items to heal yourself. Worry not the process to increase it is fairly straightforward.

How to Increase Your Energy in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

How To Increase Energy In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

You need to put your skill points in the Survivor Skill tree. In particular, the skill you are looking for is Vigor. The more Vigor you have the bigger your energy bar gets. Do remember that just increasing it isn’t enough you will still have to eat food to replenish it each time it gets used. We will check more on this in a bit.

As for earning skill points, two of the easiest ways are by completing quests and finding the Tarsyu Saplings. You can complete main and side quests as you progress the story. Additionally, while you are exploring the game’s world, pay attention to the sound of Tarsyu saplings nearby. Touching 1 sapling grants you 1 skill point.

How to Restore Energy

You need to consume food to replenish your energy. Both raw and cooked food items work fine, however, the latter is a better choice. Cooked items not only restore more energy but can also grant different effects for a short time. Simply open the menu and head over to the food section. Now eat the item of your choice and it will restore your energy.

So that is how you can increase your Energy in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora and use it to restore HP. I suggest you also check out our crafting and cooking guide for this game.