In-isa Shrine Solution In Zelda TOTK

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To get the Fuse ability in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (TOTK), you must complete the In-isa Shrine. This is one of the best and most important abilities in this game. With Fuse, you can attach an object to your weapon or shield to enhance it. For example, attaching Star Fragments to shields to make them glow or boulders to weapons to increase their attack. This shrine is pretty straightforward but you can miss out on some amazing rewards. So here’s how to solve the In-isa shrine with all the rewards.

How to Complete In-isa Shrine in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (TOTK)

The In-isa Shrine is located in the southwestern part of the Great Sky Island at coordinates (0024, -1503, 1408). You must use the Fuse ability on every step to complete this shrine in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (TOTK). Here’s how to do it:

  1. You’ll learn the new Fuse ability as soon as you enter the shrine. With this ability, you can attach an object to your weapon or shield to enhance it.
  2. Go ahead and pick up the Rusty Claymore sword and equip it.
  3. Then, use the Fuse ability to attach a boulder to this sword.

    Use Fuse to attach sword to the Boulder
    Image Source: Perfect Score on YouTube
  4. Use that sword on the stone blockade to break it.
  5. Don’t forget to collect the chest on top of a stone pillar in the next room.
  6. Break the pillar with your sword and open the chest for five arrows.
  7. You’ll find a Fire Fruit orchard on the opposite side of this chest.
  8. Collect all of them and another set of five arrows on the ground.
  9. The game will tell you how to attach materials to the arrows. Attach a Fire Fruit to the arrow and shoot it at the foliage around the chest.

    Use Fire Fruit to get Small Key in In-isa Shrine Zelda TOTK
    Image Source: Perfect Score on YouTube
  10. Open the chest to get the small key. You can use this key to open the green door.
  11. Go further, and you’ll face Captain Construct. The best way to beat this enemy is to shoot a Fire Fruit at the leaves on the ground.
  12. Captain Construct will take fire damage, and then you can finish it with melee attacks.
  13. This room is full of resources like Fire Fruit and Spikes, so ensure you collect them.
  14. Once you’re done, use a Rock Hammer to clear the entrance and interact with the shrine to get the Light of Blessing.

Use the Light of Blessing to increase Link’s Hearts or Stamina.


In-isa Shrine Rewards in Zelda ToTK

In the In-isa Shrine, you can collect the following rewards:

  • Fuse Ability
  • Arrows x10
  • Fire Fruits
  • Rusty Claymore Sword
  • Construct Bow (Boss Fight)
  • Captain Construct Horn
  • Zonai Charge
  • Spikes (For Spiky Spear)
  • Light of Blessing

That’s all from us on how to complete the In-isa Shrine in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom. While you’re here, you can check out our ToTK guides section for other shrine walkthroughs like Jonsau, Kyoukugon, and more.

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