Diablo 4 In Desolation’s Wake Bugged Quest Fix

While playing the Act 6 of Diablo 4, many players find the quest In Desolation’s Wake bugged because they are unable to spawn its final boss and need a fix. Before going further there will be minor spoilers ahead about who this boss is. Now back to the guide, there are a few things you can do to easily spawn it. So here is how to spawn Ashava In Desolation’s Wake in this game.

How to Fix In Desolation’s Wake in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 In Desolation's Wake Bugged Quest Fix

There are two ways you can solve this error.

  • Re-enter the Dungeon: Teleport to another any nearby Fast Travel waypoint. Then go back to the entrance. From here make your way back to the Ashava fight. This time she will spawn and you have to defeat her again to progress the questline.
    • Thanks to Reddit user u/opithrowpiate for this solution that worked for them.
  • Exit the Game: This is a riskier fix than the one suggested above because you are sure to lose some progress here. And that will depend on how far you have progressed and when the game last saved. But if the above fix doesn’t work here is what you do:
    1. Exit Diablo 4.
    2. Close the launcher and restart it.
    3. Now, load your save and continue progressing the questline.
    4. When you reach Ashava’s lair now, you should have her spawned.
  • Thanks to Reddit user u/ktespo for this other workaround.

If the above two fixes didn’t happen to work for you then here is what you should try:

  • Scan and Verify Game Files: The reason this quest may be bugged or Ashava is not spawning could be due to some corrupted game file. Simply scan the game files using the Battle.net launcher. After the process is over, it will replace any corrupted files. Restart the game now and you should have no issues with spawning Ashava.

That’s it for this fix of the In Desolation’s Wake quest in D4. If you are facing other similar issues then I suggest you check out our Diablo 4 section for it. Here you can find plenty of useful guides like how to fix the Holy Chalice bug, A Chorus of Voices quest missing, and more.