Diablo 4 Immune Explained

What is Immune in D4 and how is it different from Unstoppable?

Diablo 4 Immune is a status ailment that you need to know about while making your build. While the name is self-explanatory, there are a few things you need to know about enemies being immune vs you being immune and how it affects crowd control. Plus, find out the difference between Immune vs Unstoppable in D4.

Diablo 4 Immune

The Immune stat in D4 means that when you are ‘immune’ you cannot be damaged even though enemies may attack you. Similarly, if you attack an immune enemy or boss, their health bar won’t deplete. While under this effect, all negative effects are also removed and prevented, so if you find Gear that gives you this status, it’s usually a good idea to equip it.

There are many skills in D4 that characters can use to this effect. For example, Lacerate for Druid is where you can shapeshift into a werewolf, become immune, and quickly dash 10 times between enemies in the area, dealing up to 400% damage. This comes with a % of lucky hit chance too. Having such offensive skills can come in handy to clear mobs in dire situations.

Immune Bubble Aspect

how to summon get magical immune bubble d4
image credit: Ebontis Diablo on youtube

The Protecting Aspect is the one that gives you a bubble that makes you undamageable while you are inside it. You can imprint it on Helms, Chest Armor, Pants, Amulets, and Shields.

This magical bubble gets summoned around you for a few seconds when you are hit while not Healthy, you will be protected from attacks during that period. This is helpful to take a short breather as you regenerate your life or use up a healing potion.

D4 Immune Enemies

While a boss is being summoned during a ritual, there will be other mini-bosses or structures that you must destroy first. During this time, the boss may be immune, indicated by his grey health bar. Once the surrounding elements are cleared, the health bar should turn red which is when you can unleash a barrage of attacks and take them down.

Unstoppable vs. Immune

  • Immune characters cannot be damaged for a short period, and all negative effects are also removed and prevented.
  • Unstoppable characters have all control impairing effects (like stun, daze, freeze, etc) removed and prevented. So you can’t be CC’d; if you were CC’d, they will be removed.

These are the subtle differences between the two status effects you must remember while equipping gear/skills. Note that some bosses are also Unstoppable – including the fearsome Butcher. Plus, Elite monsters will become Unstoppable after they’ve been hit by a lot of CC. As soon as they get this effect, you will see a broken chain icon appear over their head, indicating that they are Unstoppable.

And that’s everything you need to know about this status. If you are planning on going on a Nightmare Dungeon clearing spree, you might be wondering which ND I should be doing as per my level? This guide answers all your questions in detail.