Hyper Scape’s Faction War (What’s New)

Everything that you need to know about Hyper Scape's Faction War.

Even though Hyper Scape has only released recently, developers are trying their best to grab gamers’ attention. Just after a week of the launch, Hyper Scape has been updated. Along with many new features and items, Hyper Scape brings Faction War, a limited-time event. Follow this guide to know everything about Hyper Scape’s Faction War.

What is Hyper Scape’s Faction War?

Hyper Scape’s Faction War is a limited-time event that gamers can play until 1st September 2020. What makes this event different from the normal battle royale game itself is that your team of 3 will now turn to a team of 24. Yes, you heard it right. A total of 96 players divided into four Factions of 24 each will be dropped on a map, hence, the name Faction War.

The color-codes of these four Factions are Purple, Green, Red, and Blue. The faction with the last standing players on the map will emerge victorious in Hyper Scape’s Faction War. This winning rule is what makes the Hyper Scape’s Faction War even more exciting. To eliminate a Faction, players will have to kill every member of that team. If even one player from a faction stands, and there are hopes and chances to win the game. Also, the ability of players to respawn teammates is given a boost to make things more challenging.

Another thing worth noting is that the Crown Victory is not a part of the Faction War. In the normal gameplay of Hyper Scape, players have two options to win, the standard way and the Crown Victory. To get the Crown Victory, players have to get the Crown and keep it under their possession for 45 seconds. But that’s eliminated in the Faction War mode, hence, players will completely focus on killing opponents and not the Crown.

That’s all we have about Hyper Scape’s Faction War as of now. We will update this post as soon as we find something new and worth revealing about the Faction War. Hyper Scape might not have got the expected traction, but the new Faction War mode will surely bring a bit of spice to the gameplay.