V Rising: How To Whisper

Here's how to whisper in V Rising.

Communication is the key while you are playing with other players in V Rising. But there are moments you will need to just pass your information to just 1 player on the server without letting anyone else in the party know about it. So today let’s look at how to whisper in V Rising.

How to Whisper in V Rising

How to Whisper in V Rising

You need to start a message with the “/w (Player Name)” command to whisper in V Rising chat. This command is similar to most of the other games will multiplayer chat options and even the same in Roblox experiences. So just type in /w followed the player name you want to whisper to. Then any message you type will be only visible to the player you want to. This is especially helpful in planning out attack patterns, combos, or even calling out someone you think is using cheats in your party.

Apart from whispering, V Rising also has the options for Local chat, Global chat, and proximity-based Voice Chat too. If by any means you are not aware of these processes, we will take a look at them here.

How to Use Local & Global Chat Options?

Here’s how to use V Rising Local & Global Chat options:

  • First, while in a game, press “Return”
  • Now press the “Tab” button to toggle between the Local chat & Global chat
  • Now to enable Voice Chat, go to “Options”
  • Click on “Sound”
  • Find the “Voice Chat” tab
  • Now “Enable” it
  • You will get other Voice chat settings here

That’s it. It is that easy. Global chat will allow you to communicate with all the players on the server. Likewise, Local chat will only show your chat to players up to a specific radius from your location. The voice chat also works in the same way. It will allow you to talk to players within a specific radius. And whenever you want to secretly message someone something. then you use the Whisper command to get it done.

That’s all about how to whisper in V Rising. If this guide helped you out, don’t forget to check out our other topics like how to defend your base during raids and how to raid a castle as well. And here are all our V Rising guides with hidden tips and tricks that you might want to know about.