How To Easily Win Wars Early On In Civilization 6

Attack Is The Best Form Of Defense

Wars have been a part of our civilization burning down empires and rebuilding a new society out of it, Civilization puts a lot of emphasis on wars and if you want to win your wars early on in the game you will need to read until the rest of this guide.

How To Win Wars Early On In Civilization 6

To go to war, you will require soldiers but along with that you also need to have a good enough strategy. While it is essential to have settlers early on in the game, you will also need to have an army. It is advisable that if you want to win wars early on in the game, you do it so during the Ancient Era.

Fans have discovered that some of the neighboring civilizations can often be interfering and you will want to declare war before it is too late. Winning wars early on in Civilization 6 depends on how you mobilize your troops.

It is recommended that you have a minimum of 4 units of melee troops at your disposal. Your army needs to have offensive troops to attack. Your key to victory will be to bring down a capital and melee units will help you immensely.

Make sure to scout the capital that you are going to attack and if it has a wall protecting it, you should definitely take a battering ram with you. The strategy you need to imply is simple.

Surround the capital with your melee troops from all sides and then declare war. Do not worry as the Ancient Era does not levy a warmonger penalty for doing so. Once the war has been declared, your next step will be to put the capital under siege.

Putting a capital under siege will make sure that it does not regenerate health, this will make your job of capturing so much easier than expected.

After this, you will have two options, you can either raze the capital or you can keep it and this purely depends on you. If the capital isn’t situated on a freshwater tile, you should probably raze it and settle a new city there.

If you do not require additional resources while razing a capital, it is recommended that you continue on with the siege and destroy it completely.

This is all there is to know about how to win wars early on in Civilization 6, make sure to check out which district to build first in Civilization 6.