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Which District Should You Build First In Civilization 6 And Why

Your selection of the first district will lay a path for future plans

Civilization 6 gives you a glimpse into how societies have thrived throughout history and knowing which district to go for first really helps. This will narrow it down to bring your perspective in focus and keep on a single track or you can even have a laid back experience and let things off on a chance. This guide will show you which district to build first in Civilization 6 and why.

Which District Should You Build First In Civilization 6

Before you jump into the game, you will need to find and settle on a perfect place to start off your game, and you can check that out right here. But if you are already done with that part and are looking to build a future, read ahead.

As good as a perfect start will matter, it also needs to have good development and a district will help you get your goals in perspective and what you want your society to build towards.

Luckily there are a bunch of options that are possible in Civilization 6 and this will ultimately lead towards how your game behaves early on in the game and even for the foreseeable future.

There are three Districts to start off to build in Civilization 6. They are the Holy Site (unlock this by researching Astrology), the Campus (unlock this by researching Writing), and Encampment (unlock this by researching Bronze Working).

Your selection of the first district will lay a path for future plans of your experience, so take a moment to decide right now.

Holy Site

If you want your society to unearth the foundations of Religion, then you should build the Holy Site right at the beginning, do this if you are pushing for a Religious Victory on Civilization 6’s higher difficulty setting.

You should definitely rush the research of Astrology as much as you can to construct the Holy Site. Doing this will allow the fans to start getting Great Prophet points early on in the game. This will ensure that you will successfully recruit the Great Prophet that the fans need to found their Religion.


If you’re not a huge fan of being a Religious based society and are looking for alternatives then you should definitely build the Campus.

Keep in mind before your build the Campus is to look for a tile that will give the Campus a high adjacency bonus and if Hypatia is listed as the first Great Scientist in the Great People tab of Civilization 6.

The best part about building the Campus is the fact that there is no rush to it and you can take your time as you should first setting your second additional city and only then build the Campus which is around the 30 to 40 move mark.


If you are facing a little bit of hostility and aren’t a fan of building a religion or a campus, you should opt in to build an Encampment.

As your first district in Civilization 6, you can be extremely aggressive from early on in the game and have a chaotic experience, which is quite different from the other two.

Having Encampment as your first district needs not to be rushed and you can also do it after your second additional city in the game. But make sure that your Encampment district is strong and you will be victorious in battles.

This is all there is to know about which districts to pick first in Civilization 6 and why make sure to check out GamerTweak for more updates on your favorite games.