How To Wear Clothes In Valheim

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Clothes and armors in Valheim are interchangeable and if you’re stuck in a Nordic winter wonderland where everything is out to get you, having something that will pad up your defenses is a must. Wearing clothes or armors in the game will help you to last longer in the battle and even help you battle against environmental challenges like the cold, if you’re wondering about how to wear clothes in Valheim, here’s what you need to do.

How To Equip Clothes In Valheim

To wear clothes in Valheim, all you need to do is have that piece of clothing or armor in your inventory and right-click on it. Doing so will let the character equip whatever you have instantly, there are tons of benefits to wearing clothes in Valheim as it will help you to increase your defensive stats and defeat larger and stronger enemies.

how to wear clothes in Valheim
Wearing clothes in Valheim will help your character get more defensive stats

While clothes and armors aren’t readily available in Valheim, you will be able to start crafting them as soon as you have your workbench ready in the game. The very first clothing you create will be made of leather and then adding metals will help you fortify your clothing in Valheim.

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To know how to create the best armors in Valheim, you should check out our armor crafting guide, this will help you know the recipe and the things that you’re going to require to make it.

When you reach the Mountain Biome in Valheim, using your normal armor won’t help you battle against the cold weather on top and you will require additional items there to survive, knowing how to create the wolf armor will help you to brave the cold and survive for much longer.

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