How To Equip & Use Stake In Redfall

Karan Pahuja
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A wooden stake to the heart has been any Vampire’s weakness for as long as we have known about them. So having to use Stakes to kill them in Redfall is not exactly a surprise. But the problem is where do you find them? Don’t worry this guide has you covered with everything about the stakes in this game from unlocking it to changing them after you have several of them.

How to Use Stake in Redfall

how to Use Stake in Redfall
Image Credit: MKIceAndFire on YouTube

Stakes are used to deal the finishing blow to the Vampires. While these are important for killing Vampires, they aren’t the only option that allows it. Aside from Stakes, you can also use UV ray weapons, fire, and other abilities that you unlock later to Kill Vampires.

But during the start of the game and for most sections, Stakes will be very useful to you. Sadly you don’t get them right away and need to unlock them first. So here is how you can unlock and equip them.

How to Unlock Stakes

how to equip or change stake in redfall
Image Credit: MKIceAndFire on YouTube

You can equip Stakes after you kill your first Vampire. During the Dead in the Water mission, one of the objectives will be “Turn on the Firestation Power”. While playing it you will need to go to the Basement to kill the “bloodsucker”.

  1. Use the firefighter pole to go down and take a left.
  2. Go to the last room here.
  3. Pick up the shotgun that has a Wooden Stake on it.
  4. Now, go to the basement to fight the vampire.
  5. Deplete its health completely by using your regular weapons.
  6. Once its health reaches zero go near it and use your Stake to kill it. PC players can press F for it.

Now, you will unlock your first Weapon with a Stake. From this point on in the game, you can also find more Stakes by just progressing through the Story, by doing side quests, or by purchasing them.

How to Equip or Change your gun’s Stake

  1. Open the game’s menu and go to your loadout.
  2. Choose the weapon that you want to change the stake off. Do note that not every gun allows you to equip Stakes. So select the ones that do.
  3. Under the customization section, you will see two options: Skin and Stake.
  4. Select Stake, and now choose the one that you want to equip from the ones you unlocked.
  5. Use it and you will equip or change the Stake of your weapon.

With this, Vampires shouldn’t be much of an issue for you in Redfall. And for more help on this game check out our guides on how to play co-op multiplayer and the best character for solo campaign.

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