Who Is The Best Redfall Character For Solo & Multiplayer Campaign

Suraj Nai
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Redfall is finally here featuring up to 4 heroes that you can pick from. However, before you start the campaign make sure you choose the character you have to play with wisely. That’s because, once you select a character and start the campaign, there’s no going back. You’ll be stuck with the same character and their following abilities for the rest of the game. That’s because every character has its own story in solo mode. On the other hand, when you squad up with your friends, then the story will take place according to the host’s narrative. So don’t make a rash decision and choose the right character suiting your playstyle. If you are dicey about the hero you should go with, then below we have mentioned the best character to pick in Redfall.

Which is the Best Character to Pick in Redfall? (Solo & Squad)

Redfall Best Character For Solo & Multiplayer Campaign

According to us, Jacob Boyer is the best solo character you should go with in Redfall. But if you are planning to squad up, then Remi can be the supporting hero you are looking for. Both of the mentioned heroes specialize in different classes. Jacob is more of a ranged hero where he uses his sniper to blow off the vampire heads without breaking a sweat. While Remi belongs to a supporting class where she heals herself and revives her teammates using her ultimate ability. For better understanding below we have described a little more about the mentioned heroes, so you can make a decision easily.

Jacob Boyer – Best Solo Hero in Redfall


  • Jacob is an ex-military soldier who is now an assassin with some strange powers that can come in handy. As mentioned earlier, he is a ranged hero that can help you get through the solo campaign with ease.
  • His Raven Ability will allow you to scout for any vampire and highlight them if it finds any. If you upgrade this ability, then the Raven you send can also deal damage to the vampires.
  • Cloak Ability turns Jacob invisible and allows him to sneak and escape through difficult situations. If you are planning to go on an invisible rampage, then it might backfire. While you are invisible, every shot you take reduces the Cloak’s duration.
  • Whereas, the Heartstopper Ability can be the game-changer if you play your cards right. This ability pulls out a sniper rifle, that allows you to take direct headshots without worrying about the aim. Simply point it towards a vampire and you’ll be good to go. Also note, if Jacob doesn’t suit your playstyle then alternately, go with Layla.

Remi – Best Multiplayer Character in Redfall

Remi - Best Multiplayer Hero Redfall

  • If you are going to squad up quite often, then Remi can surely be the supporting class character you need. She dedicated her life to rescuing the ones in need in disaster zones, and she’s doing the same in Redfall town. Apart from being a combat engineer, she is also a healer which will get you through the hard times.
  • The C4 Ability will allow you to blow off a bunch of deadly vampires in one go. Upgrading this ability will not only improve its damage but also make you immune to it. Allowing you to make a jump by stepping over it.
  • Siren Ability is a little Remi’s companion robot, Bribon that will help you distract the enemies by creating noises. It will prove itself pretty effective when you and your squad are cornered by the vampires and have nowhere to go.
  • Last but not least, Mobilize Ability creates a circle that will heal your wounds whenever it is activated. Moreover, it will also benefit the teammates that are present in the circle.

That answers your question about who is the best solo & squad character to pick in Redfall. While you are here do check out our other Video game guides for more such tips & tricks. Also, take a look at the 2023 upcoming video games release date calendar.