How To Use Paimon.Moe For Genshin Impact – Wish Counter And Track Pity

Want to track your pity for the next Genshin Impact banner? You should probably use Paimon.Moe.

Genshin Impact players know that when it comes to the game’s combat or characters, the mechanics around them can be very complicated. To unlock characters, you need to wait for their Banner to be available and then Wish for them. Sounds simple right? However, since this is a gacha game this simple pull comes down to luck and you can literally spend thousands of Primogems before eventually getting the character you wanted. But worry not there are some third-party wish trackers that can help you out with it. Paimon.Moe is one such wish tracker that you can use for Genshin Impact.

How to Use Paimon.Moe Wish Counter in Genshin Impact for PC

How To Use Paimon Moe Wish Counter In Genshin Impact
Image Credits: Paimon.Moe

There are multiple ways to use the site’s wish counter but for the simplicity of this guide, we will check Method 1 of tracking. Here is the Wish Counter page that you can use to start tracking your pity and other stats. Thanks to them for explaining this method in detail.

  1. Select your account’s server. If you have multiple accounts then use the one for which you want to track the wishes.
  2. Next, set the platform to PC.
    • If you play on Android or iOS then follow the steps given on the site after changing your platform.
  3. Now, select Method 1.
  4. Launch Genshin Impact on your PC. Make sure you have Paimon.Moe Wish Counter opened on the same PC.
  5. Press Windows + X and choose Windows Powershell.
  6. Copy the code given on their site.
  7. Press Enter and you will now have a link copied to your clipboard.
  8. Go back to Paimon.Moe Wish Counter and paste this link into their textbox.
  9. Click on the Import button. You can even click on the drop-down to choose whether you wish to Force update wish history and Submit pity for global wish stats.
  10. If you follow all the steps correctly you shouldn’t have any issues and should be able to start tracking your Wishes.

Is Paimon.Moe Safe and Can You Get Banned?

Paimon Moe at the end of the day is a third-party website. So it is up to MiHoYo to decide whether to ban users for using it or not. However, there are some users who have been using it and haven’t gotten into trouble as per this Hoyolab thread.

If you go to their site, the second step suggests reading the FAQ which answers how they use your information. You can find the Open FAQ button on the Wish Import page. However, one of the most important things that you should know about this site is it uses an authkey. Thanks to Reddit user u/PrimeCicada for sharing this information. Be sure to check out their comment here.

Basically, the Authkey lets the site check stuff like your:

  • Wish log
  • Genesis Crystal transactions
  • Primogem transactions
  • Resin transactions
  • 4 and 5-star Artifact logs
  • 4 and 5-star Weapon logs

While is an open project that you can check on Github and claims to never save your account credentials. If you want to be extra safe or don’t want your account to be compromised with a future ban it is better to not use it. But at the time of writing this guide, there are no known cases of players being banned for using it.

That’s all on how you can use Paimon Moe to track wishes and Pity. If it didn’t work for you you can check our guide on best wish trackers. Here you can also learn how to manually track your pity. As for other help on this game check out our Genshin Impact section.