How To Get Bait Maker In Stardew Valley

A Bait Maker can help you craft Baits for any fish in Stardew Valley. Here’s how you can get this equipment and increase chances of catching a fish.

Imagine that it’s a good sunny day in Stardew Valley and you have decided to go fishing. But unfortunately, you are unable to catch any fish because they are barely getting tempted to your Bait. In this scenario, a Bait Maker can help you a ton. This Refining Equipment can produce the ideal Bait required to catch any kind of fish, provided you already have a sample of that fish.

In this guide, we are going to explain how you can get and use the Bait Maker in Stardew Valley. Be sure to stick to the end if you want all of your fishing problems gone.

How to Get Bait Maker in Stardew Valley

using Bait from Bait Maker to catch fish in Stardew Valley
Image Credits to Salmence

To unlock the recipe for making a Bait Maker, you must reach Fishing Level 6. The best way to gain XP is by completing the fishing mini-game or by catching fish in a Crab Pot. Anyways, once you reach level 6 and unlock the recipe, use these ingredients to make a Bait Maker in Stardew Valley:

  • x3 Iron Bar
  • x3 Coral
  • x1 Sea Urchin

Once you have the ingredients, craft the Bait Maker and start using it for good in SDV.

How to Use Bait Maker in SDV

Now that you have the Bait Maker, you can craft a Bait for the fish you want to catch. However, you will need one sample of that fish for crafting a Bait for it. For example, if you want to make a Tilapia Bait then you will need one Tilapia. Do note that this fish is usually found in the rivers of the Ginger Island.

You simply have to put the Tilapia in the Bait Maker and wait for the process to complete. It should take almost 10 minutes and after that, you will get the Tilapia Bait. With this Bait, you can go to the Ginger Island and effortlessly catch plenty more Tilapias.

That’s all there is to know about the Bait Maker in Stardew Valley. Aside from this, if you are curious to know about what other items have been added with update v1.6, then we have a guide on it. Feel free to check it out on our website.