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How to Upgrade Troops in Clash of Clans?

Want to destroy your friend’s bases and earn stars in Clan wars, here is how to upgrade your troops and triumph over anyone.

Before Clash Royale and Boom Beach, there was Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans started as a simple real-time strategy game, but little did the developers know the beast they were making. Clash of Clans blew out of proportions in 2016-17 with a peak of 55 million users in 2016. Many believe it was the success of Clash of Clans that led to the developer making Clash Royale. Players can build their base, upgrade buildings, upgrade troops, raid other people’s bases for loot, join groups (Clans) and participate in Clan Wars. Developing your base and building your army is at the Core of this mobile game, so stick till the end to know how you can upgrade your troops in Clash of Clans.

How to Upgrade Troops in COC?


Upgrade Troops Clash of the Clans

Initially, players start with Barbarians, Archer, and Goblins as you progress you’ll unlock more troops. Players can upgrade their troops in the Laboratory and you can upgrade the Laboratory itself to Level 12 max. Unlocking the Lab at Town Hall level 3 you can upgrade the Lab one level with every Town Hall upgrade. To upgrade troops you’ll need some amount of Elixir and it takes some time also. At Town Hall Level 7 you unlock a variety of new troops and spells which can be forged and upgraded using Dark Elixir.

Dark Elixir is comparatively rarer, making the Dark Elixir Troops more effective. You can upgrade only one troop at a time and once upgraded you will automatically forge the upgraded versions. You can upgrade spells also in the Laboratory. There are 2 Heroes as well for the players, Barbarian King and Archer Queen. Both of them are unlocked at TH 7 and TH 9 respectively. Both these heroes are Forged and upgraded by Dark Elixir only. The plus point is that both of them upgrade at their own place and not in Laboratory, enabling you to upgrade them while upgrading troops. The King and Queen won’t be available for Battle while upgrading.


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