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Best Mobile Games Like Clash Of Clans

A list of all the games that are like CoC.

Clash of Clans dominated the markets to the extent that every person around you would be seen glued to their phones tapping away on their scenes with determination. It soon became a daily necessity from upgrading your little world to planning attacks with your clan members. If you are not versed, CoC is a mobile strategy game where you play the part of a Village chief and are responsible for building your own village, defending it, and attacking other villages for the loot. It has an in-game chat feature that allows the players to connect to their other clam members and plan attacks. Warning, the game is addictive! It is demanding. But it is worth it. Given the popularity of the game, we decided to club a list of games that walk on the same path as Clash Of Clans.

Best Mobile Games Like Clash Of Clans

List of best 10 games like COC.

10. Rise Of Empires: Ice and Fire

ROE is an MMORPG with the theme being a Real-time war strategy. The game begins by choosing one of the three classes of Farmer, Raider, or Trader. The players play as The Lord, the leader of a region that was attacked, and have the responsibility to rebuild it. From defending your empire to planning attacks and upgrading, the game works on the same mechanics as CoC. The graphics of the game are so realistic that you are teleported to the Medieval Era. The game required you to develop proper war strategies for attacking and build alliances to help you with it. Rise Of Empires: Ice and Fire mobile trailer however does not do justice to the game and the actual game has very different gameplay. In conclusion, you need to download and try out this game on your own.

9. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lords-mobile-Best Mobile Games Like Clash Of Clans
At number 9 on our Best Mobile Games Like Clash Of Clans list, Lords is a role-playing, real-time strategy game with amazing 3D visuals. The game does have PVE modes as well. It is a dark, magical world with mesmerizing heroes and beautiful villains. The players are given the task to build their own kingdom and strengthen their forces to plan attacks. The game also allows you to team up with alliances within the game much like Clash of Clans and a strong emphasis is given on PVP battles, though PVE modes are available too.

8. Dragon City

Dragon City is a social network game that had its story revolve around raising Dragons. The dragons are  these cute cuddly animals instead of having fierce and scary attributes. The game allows you to raise a city full of dragons by leveling them up via different resources. There are PvP Arenas arenas in the game that let you show off your dragon skills. Alliances can be formed and there is an interactive chat option too similar to Clash of Clans. There are over 1000 kinds of dragons to choose from on this dragon island floating among the clouds. The game covers everything from battles, trading, events, arenas, and much more.

7. Sim City BuildIt

Sim-City Buildit
Now there are high chances that you might have played this game at least once in your lifetime. This popular simulation game deals with a realistic approach to build and maintain a city full of people. While this game does not have the aspects of battles and combat, the trades, strategy, city-building, and leveling are all so same as that of Clash of Clans. The players, as the mayor of the city, have the responsibilities of development and also the happiness of the Sims living in the city along with steady economic development. EA sure knows how to create some of the best games to indulge in.

6. Boom Beach

From the same developers and publishers Supercell, Boom Beach shares a lot of common grounds with COC. The players get to raid enemy bases of the Blackguard and free the enslaved islanders. Players can upgrade their base and train their troops to attack and defend against NPCs as well as real players in the game. You can also form a Taskforce which is a group with other players and cooperate to attack the enemy bases and earn points.

5. Age Of Pirates: Ocean Empire

Who does not want to live a good pirate story! From building and upgrading ships to attacking and sinking enemy ships and bases, the Age of pirates will make you the commander of your fleets. The game also contains the features of building and leveling up your own base and create alliances with fellow players. It includes huge PVP & GVG battles and the thrill is next level. This game is a personal favorite with trades, upgrades, defense and attack and so much more in store.

4. Art of War 3

AOW is a classic real-time online strategy game that revolves around a war between the Confederation and the Resistance. The players get to choose their side and play PvP and cooperative battles. The game features some of the coolest army vehicles and gear and allows you to direct a strike force as a general. The game also allows you to join a clan and strategize strikes like Clash of Clans.

3. Defense Zone 3 HD

Defense-Zone-3-HD Best Mobile Games Like Clash Of Clans
This third installment of the Defense Zone series is graphically a masterpiece for mobile gaming. The gameplay is very indulging and revolves around attack and defense tactics. Various locations and weapons are available each with its own uniqueness and use. The battle takes place on a twisted path that has to be defended by the placement of your defense to kill the enemies. These enemies generally come in huge groups. The visuals are killer and the game keeps you on your toes.

2. Dawn of Titans: War Strategy RPG

With a few awards and nominations under its belt, this game is a warfare MMO RPG. The players get to be Titan Gods and command their reign over troops, quite literally in the game. They can build their own empire and get into PvP fights. The game gives a wide range of options from metals to magic spells and ancient relics that help you progress in the game and build a stronger better empire. With strategic attacks and defenses as the core of this game, it is sure to get you hooked into time and expand your ultimate kingdom.

1. Siegefall

Seigefall Best Mobile Games Like Clash Of Clans
You know the game is going to be lit when it’s Gameloft delivering. Seigefall, a free-to-play MMMO game revolves around building your army and getting into PvP battles. You play as the kink of your empire who can either be on the attacking side or the defense side of the battle. The game also features co-op Clan Raids which can be executed with your alliances and earn numerous rewards. Build and defend your world and expand it by leveling up in the game. Siegefall sure is worth playing.

So that concludes our top mobile games like Clash Of Clans.