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How To Unlock Sniper In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

Get Free Sniper Upgrades

Sniper is the best weapon to shoot down enemies from distance, and in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC you can unlock it soon. Hereafter taking down a sniper you can grab sniper parts and upgrade your current rifle from a short-range weapon to a precision long-range weapon. The mission that includes killing a sniper in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC is tough because it has a lot of enemies blocking your way. So here is what you have to do to unlock Sniper in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.

Tips to Unlock Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

Once you find the Captain and save his life from mutants he will tell Sam to join him. On his way, your path will be blocked by a sniper. It will be next to impossible to proceed ahead so your main objective is to take down the sniper first. This is the first time you will have a multiple-choice question, which will include two ways to kill the sniper.

After stopping get down from the left side, leave the boat and you will be walking a lot here. A night vision will be highly helpful in finding up enemies lurking in shadows. Your objectives are to make your way all the way to the Snipers building. There are flooded paths, broken buildings, debris in your way. Along with this, there will be soldiers also so use distractions. If you want to play in stealth you can use Stallion Pistol with silencer upgrade.

You will have to find all the way towards the Sniper building when you are almost inside the Sniper will grab you. There will be two ways to kill him, first either using fist and second using an explosive. Choose whatever you want and after killing him grab the Sniper parts from the floor.

The sniper gun will give you the following upgrades:

  • Sniper Stock – Light grip and stock, the best possible aim steadiness at the price of decreased recoil control. Perfect for long-range shots.
  • Semi-Automatic System – the long barrel and semi-automatic receiver turn the weapon into a long-range marksman rifle, substantially increasing bullet velocity and damage. On the downside, the weapon becomes harder to aim quick and its recoil gets much stronger.
  • Scope 6X – The sniper sight allows easy aiming at extremely long distances, but significantly limit the field of view.

You can add this to the current rifle and turn into a sniper weapon allowing you to shoot down enemies from a distance. To an extent, the weapon is best when you are far from the enemy, but if you are ambushed you won’t be able to use it as good as an automatic rifle.