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Where to find Silencer for Stallion Pistol In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story

Short Barrel Upgrade

A Silencer is a highly important upgrade for a weapon when you want to kill an enemy in Stealth. In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC Stallion Pistol has one such upgrade called Short Barrel and Suppressor. This upgrade will reduce to bullet sound to zero, which will help you to take down enemies quietly in isolated places. Here is a guide on how to find silencer for Stallion Pistol In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story.

Short Barrel and Suppressor Drop Location – Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

To unlock the silencer for Stallion pistol you will have to follow the white marker on the map. This will occur after you get a boat, the building where you will find the suppressor upgrade is on the right of the submerged statue. This is the same place where you will find Double Barrel Pistol.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Unlock Ashot Pistol

During the process of finding Double Barrel Pistol in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story, you will have to enter from the right corner through a toilet. There is a guard, kill in stealth and jump down into the hole on the ground. Follow the flooded underground path, you will reach a cell. There is a body of a dead soldier. Scan the body for Silencer Upgrade.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Unlock Silencer

You can unlock the crafting menu and add the suppressor to Stallion pistol. Next time when you spot a distant enemy standing alone, you can use the pistol for a headshot and take down the enemy instantly. This is highly helpful to kill down soldiers in the corners.

So this is how you can unlock silencer upgrade in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC, stay tuned for more updates.