How To Unlock Ranger Assault Rifle In Rage 2

Your first Automatic Rifle, the best all rounder weapon in the game

Tips to unlock Ranger Assault Rifle in Rage 2, the first automatic gun in the game. It is also the best all-rounder automatic rifle that will help you a lot in crowd control. Ranger Assault Rifle is the first weapon in Rage 2 and with upgrades, you can increase its power. The weapon is versatile and durable, it does not hamper movement and also add comes with good handling and fire rate.

How To Unlock Ranger Assault Rifle

Ranger Assault Rifle will be unlocked as soon as you equip your armor during the start of Rage 2. You will also unlock Sidewinder Pistol, first and then the gun. The rifle is considered to the best weapon in Rage 2 due to its overall features. Next comes Ranger Assault Rifle upgrades that can help you to make this weapon much better.

Level 2 – Unlock it with 250 Feltrite, you can pick from one and each cost 1x Weapon Core Mod.

  • Speedy Reload: Increases the reload speed.
  • Magazine Capacity: Increases the capacity of the ammo magazine.

Level 3 – Unlock it with 500 Feltrite, the below upgrade requires two weapon mod.

  • Holstered Reload: Automatically reload when unequipped for 10 seconds.

Level 4 – Unlock it with 750 Feltrite, the below upgrade requires three weapon mods each.

  • Rapid Fire: Increases the fire rate.
  • Armor Breaker Rounds: Increases the damage inflicted to armor.

Level 5 – Unlock it with 1000 Feltrite, the below upgrade requires four weapon mods.

  • Weapon Mastery: Kills return bullets to the magazine based on the Overdrive Multiplier. Caps out at 5.

Unlock the first level of the weapon and you can boost the reload speed and magazine capacity good enough to get max strength from Ranger Assault Rifle.