How To Unlock Sidewinder Pistol In Rage 2

An amazing pistol with good handling and fire rate

Learn how to unlock Sidewinder Pistol in Rage 2, a simple yet effective sidearm best against mutants. In this Rage 2 weapon guide, you will learn about the story mission where you will get this, this gun does not require any ark location. Similar to the Assault Rifle, Sidewinder Pistol comes free during the start of Rage 2. You can, later on, hit the upgrade section to develop the weapon’s strength and make it more powerful.

How To Unlock Sidewinder Pistol

When you start the game, after picking the ranger the first weapon you will get is the Sidewinder Pistol. You will be using this weapon as a Ranger until you get the first Assault Rifle after a ranger dies and you are lucky enough to pull out his armor. Sidewinder Pistol is a 25Mag capacity sidearm with limited damage and crowd control but good Fire Rate and Handling. To upgrade Sidewinder Pistol you will need Weapon Core mod. Below is the list of an upgrade for the side-arm.

Level 2 – Unlock it with 250 Feltrite, you can pick from one and each cost 1x Weapon Core Mod.

  • Speedy Reload: Increases the reload speed.
  • Magazine Capacity: Increases the capacity of the ammo magazine.

Level 3 – Unlock it with 500 Feltrite, the below upgrade requires two weapon mod.

  • Armor Breaker Rounds: Increases the damage inflicted to armor.

Level 4 – Unlock it with 750 Feltrite, the below upgrade requires three weapon mods each.

  • Hair-Trigger: Bullets can be fired as fast as the trigger can be pulled.
  • Stabilizer: Decreases the recoil.

Level 5 – Unlock it with 1000 Feltrite, the below upgrade requires four weapon mods.

  • Weapon Mastery: Increase the number of burst fire bullets

So till you find any better sidearm use the Sidewinder Pistol as your best ally and upgrade it to the fullest for max power.