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How To Unlock Creepy Crypt In Minecraft Dungeons?

Get to the Creepy Crypt!

Minecraft Dungeons is filled with secret missions and levels for players to discover and one of them is the Creepy Crypt. In the Creepy Crypt, you will find tons of loot and no boss to fight with, which makes it easy peasy. So here’s how to unlock Creepy Crypt in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons Creepy Crypt Unlock Guide

First complete the mission where you have to free the villager in the Creeper Woods. Once you do it, take the path on the left side of the map which will lead you to a dungeon.

At the entrance, press the pressure plate on the right to open up the door. Enter the dungeon and grab the green map that is glowing. This will unlock the Creepy Crypt location on the map. Soon, some mobs will appear so you need to kill them off before you can explore the dungeon to collect the loot including Emeralds. After you do this, leave the dungeon and continue the Creeper Woods mission. After you complete it and go back to the camp, you can access the Creepy Crypt in Minecraft Dungeons.

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This secret mission can be unlocked with the Default difficulty so you can get it on your first playthrough. The Creepy Crypt level will not have any impact on the story and is only a side mission for you to grab some extra rewards including chests. You might get a Bow, Pickaxe, Sword, Boots of Swiftness, Tasty bone, Fishing Rod and Hunter’s Armor as drops from this mission. So, it’s best to scan the entirety of the Creepy Crypt in Minecraft Dungeons.

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