Minecraft Dungeons How to Find Hidden Level Guide

All Secret Missions Location

Minecraft Dungeons has a story mode divided into the different missions. Each mission has a hidden level that allows you to access secret levels.  There are different methods to unlock these hidden levels and this Minecraft Dungeons Guide will help you with that.

How to Find Hidden Levels in Minecraft Dungeons?

In this Minecraft Dungeon secrets guide you will learn all locations of all secret missions, what are the rewards, and how to unlock Apocalypse difficulty.

Secret Missions Location

There are four secret missions in Minecraft Dungeons hidden in the main story. Sometimes these missions spawn randomly on different difficulties, you can try searching their common spots. There are chances you will encounter them randomly in-game while exploring every nook and corner.

  1. Creepy Crypt Secret Missions: Hidden in the Creeper Woods story missions. After freeing the villagers, look for a big temple on the left side. Open the door and you will be inside the temple, just click on the glowing green map to play the first secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons.
  2. Soggy Cave Secret Missions: Located in Soggy Swamp you will have to search for a cave near the supply area. You cannot access this mission if you defeat the boss. So you look for the cave or follow the path that leads to the second cave after the supply area. Go inside and activate the switch, recover the map from the pedestal and you can play the Soggy cave secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons.
  3. Arch Have: Located in Pumpkin Pastures, near the giant fort you will see a path on the side, follow this and stop once you see a ship. Go to the lower deck and kill the monster to collect the map.
  4. Underhalls: In Highblock Halls, at the very start, you will have to climb down a double staircase near the wall. It is at the bottom with two shields, activate one shield to open the hidden door and grab the amp inside.

Among above all secret motions leaving Creepy Crypt the next three are random. Depending on the difficulty level the location of secret missions changes, so keep looking. There is also a Secret Cow Mission in the camp area, just check the link to know more.

How to unlock Adventure and Apocalypse Difficulty?

Complete the base game to unlock Adventure difficulty. And then complete every mission on Adventure to unlock Apocalypse difficulty.

There are drops and rewards in every level of Minecraft Dungeons. Keep exploring every nook and corner. Killing enemies, creatures, etc will drop items around you. Rewards are directly attached to the gameplay, the objective is to keep important items and salvage unnecessary ones.