How To Unlock All 9 Dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Here is Every Unlockable Dress

There are nine dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, three each for Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa. To unlock Dressed to the Nines achievement you will have to collect all dresses and here is a guide to help you. Mostly relies on the multiple-choice questions, these different dresses also adds unique appearances to the characters in FF7 Remake. The gameplay will give you only one dress at a time, but you can replay the chapter and pick another choice to reveal the hidden dresses. To save your time and help you out here is an FF7 Remake Dress Guide.

Unlock three Dresses for Tifa: Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Tifa Dresses

You can unlock the dress for Tifa pretty early in the game. In Chapter 3 during a multiple-choice question, you can unlock one dress, but if you can reply you can unlock more dresses. In the side quest Alone at Last Cloud will be talking to Tifa. This appears after the end of the chapter after completing an odd Job. She will ask you regarding the dress and you will have three choices.

  • Something Mature – Low-Cut Blue Dress
  • Something sporty – Cheongsam type dress
  • Something Exotic – Kimono Robe

You can replay the mission to reach the same point or reload from the last checkpoint to unlock other dress.

Unlock three Dresses for Aerith: Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Aeriths Dresses

Dresses for Aerith rely on Chapter 8 decisions. Here you don’t have to run around various side quests. In short, you can complete this fast and unlock some nice dresses for Aerith. To unlock the dress you will have to complete Odd Jobs in Chapter 3.

  • Simple Dress: Complete 0 to 2 Odd Jobs.
  • Standout Pink Dress: Complete 3 to 4 Odd Jobs.
  • Sexy Red Dress: Complete 5 to 6 Odd Jobs.

Unlock three Dresses for Cloud: Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Clouds Dresses

Unlock Chapter 9, continue playing until you reach this chapter. These three dresses for Cloud here, Blue and Black, Black Dress, and White Dress. All three relies on the multiple-choice question you select. To unlock the dress part of Chapter 9 follow the below step.

  • Cloud’s Blue and Black Dress: Complete Sam’s quest-line to unlock Cloud’s Blue and Black Dress. To reach here first follow Johnny to Honeybee Inn, and then play the Head or Tails with Chocobo Sam. Next go with Poor Man’s Massage with Madam M to unlock The Party Never Stops and Dynamite Body side quest.
  • Cloud’s Black Dress: Go to Madam M in Chapter 9, avoid all kinds of side quests and you will get the black dress.
  • Cloud’s White Dress: You will have to play the Madam M Questline. But before jumping to that complete angel of the Slum quest in Chapter 8. This will unlock the Price of Thievery Quest. After finishing this in Chapter 9 do not follow Johnny. Just ignore him completely and if you follow Johnny to Honeybee In then disagree with him. Next is Chocobo Sam’s coin toss, get all heads and buy the most expensive massage at Madam M’s. You will unlock two more side quest – Price of Thievery and Shears Counterattack. This will help you unlock the white dress for the cloud.

So here is you can unlock all nine dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. By unlocking all the dresses you will also unlock Dressed to the Nines achievement. Do check our FF7 Remake Wiki guide for some cool tips and tricks, weapon unlocks, etc.