Temtem: How To Teleport

Check out this guide to know how to Teleport in Temtem.

Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature collection game that exists on the map of the Airborne Archipelago. This map includes multiple islands that are free to explore. However, traveling to all the locations on the map can be a bit hassle. Moreover, there are multiple Temtems in your way to challenge you on the map. There’s an easier way to travel to different locations on the map by using a Teleporter. If you are looking for a way to teleport in Temtem, then this article is for you. Here’s our guide featuring steps to Teleport in the game.

How to Teleport in Temtem

How to Teleport in Temtem

Teleporting in this game requires a quest to be completed. It is more of an interactive exploration quest across the map that will get you the secret to teleporting. Although, here’s how to complete that quest:

  1. Refrigerated Vanishing is the quest that needs to be completed before you start teleporting.
  2. On Cipanku island, go and meet Mayu to talk to her. Later, interact with Miku to learn more about the mysterious vanishing of Mayu’s refrigerator.
  3. Further, she’ll send you to investigate this by interacting with people around the Neodo.
  4. Head over to the location marked on the map and enter the building. Use the lift to reach the first floor.
  5. You’ll then encounter a confused NPC who, a few days earlier, received a Refrigerated out of nowhere.
  6. That guy will later send you to Satoko, who works on a Matter-Transferring Device in Nanto Labs.
  7. Satoko wanted a volunteer with whom she could test her Matter-Transfer Drone, which can teleport through various teleportation portals on the map of the Archipelago.
  8. Now, you must convince Satoko by answering some of her questions, after which you can teleport to Temtem.
  9. The answers are in the following order:
    • Anak Volcano.
    • The Cenote.
    • The Kakama Cenote.
    • Upinzani, Kwea Uplands, Jinogap, Vumbi.
    • Thalassian Cliffs.
    • Four
    • The Mines of Mictlan.
    • Aguamarina Caves.
    • Anak.
  10. After this, you’ll she’ll give you a Matter-Transfer Drone. In addition, transfer points will automatically get detected when you are close to them. Scan them to unlock and teleport through them.
  11. Also, teleporting or matter-transferring to some locations costs Pansuns except for some plates like Airship Terminals or Atoll Row that are free to teleport

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That’s how to Teleport in Temtem. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Temtem guides.