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Temtem: How To Make Money

Know how to make Money in Temmet.

Temtem is a creature collecting MMORPG game available on multiple platforms. Pansun is the exclusive in-game currency used to make transactions in the game. Moreover, a player should have a considerable amount of money in their game wallet to progress further. There are various methods of making Pansun in Temtem, however, some of them can not be much effective. If you want to know some other efficient ways to make Pansun, then this article is for you. Here’s our guide that features steps to make money in Temtem.

How to Make Money in Temtem (Pansun Farming)

How to make money in Temtem

Pansuns in Temtem are a vital resource required to buy items like Temcards, health potions, cosmetics, etc in the game. Although, check out these methods to earn money a bit more efficiently in Temtem:

Make Money Through Temtem Combat

In the early game, your primary source of earning money is by defeating other tamers. Also, a tougher opponent guarantees a good amount of money in return. Fighting PvP matches in the earlier period is a great way to give your game a better headstart. This is because it is easy to defeat the opponents in the first few PvP battles which will give you some easy Pansuns.

Sell Items to Make Money

When you are in dire need of Pansun, it is possible to sell the items in the inventory to any local vendor for a certain amount of money. However, you won’t get the net price at which you purchased the item. You’ll get a comparatively lesser price but it still gets you a good deal.

Make Money Through FreeTem! Organization

As you progress in Temtem and reach the second island of Omninesia, you will have the opportunity of earning more Pansuns, this method is by far the easiest and will make you a lot of money in a short amount of time:

  1. When you get to Omninesia, go to the southwest of the Breeding Center and you will find the FreeTem! Organization. Go inside and talk to the FreeTem! Coordinator.
  2. They will assign you the task of freeing Temtems that you catch out in the wild. In addition, the bigger and higher the level of Temtem that you capture and release, the bigger the reward.
  3. After you release the Temtems you will have to go back to the FreeTem! Coordinator to get yourself paid for the Temtems you have released.

Make Money From Postal Service

As the name suggests, visit the post office in Uhuru city in Kisiwa and talk to the post office manager. Interact with him and ask him for a job, after which he will assign you multiple quests. These quests are more likely to be delivery quests for various NPCs in different regions. Moreover, completing the task will get you a good amount of money in Temtem.

These are some of the most efficient ways of making money in Temtem. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Temtem guides.